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  1. Search for your niche on Answer Socrates
  2. Export the questions
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Unedited AI Transcript:

Answer Socrates is another popular tool for finding out the questions in your market. It’s all based off of the Socratic method, which is really just asking questions, because that’s what Socrates liked to do.

So let’s type in affiliate marketing. And it’s going to search and find the top questions. It’s also going to show us the trending and that, as I’m making this video. It’s, you know, trending upwards, I can download the CSV.

Here’s some of the people also ask questions that only grabbed four of them. So that isn’t the best we’ve we’ve been able to get a lot more with other tools. and kind of get like all the people also ask question, Well, maybe not all, but get hundreds of people also ask questions.

We have different questions rated by or organized by how they start, like are and can I can and how do how and should I and you can, you know, see all those and scroll down through. We also have like canon foreign is, these are good things. We’ve got comparisons here.

So this is good if you’re trying to sell some sort of product. We’ve got, you know, things in the past. So like when did affiliate marketing start as an affiliate marketing worth it, that kind of thing.

Then it organizes things alphabetically, which could be useful too, because you could even do a page where you just covered all the A’s and other page where you covered all the bees, and another patriot covered all the C’s if you want to. So that’s one way that you could organize this and answer. There’s 203 different topics that they covered right here.

And then some other queries that people are kind of related queries. And a lot of this a lot of these question tools, I’ve shared a few of them, a lot of them are pretty similar. So you just kind of go with which one you like the most, you could or most of them, you can download a CSV of everything. So I was a spreadsheet. And you could put that into like Excel.

And you could have it find all the duplicates, and remove any duplicates. And that way, you know, you might with all these different tools get 1000 different questions or So between between all these different tools.

And a lot of them are duplicates, but you’ve narrowed it down to the top 600 questions that are unique and not kind of like or did the exact same way. And that way you could create articles in your niche, you could either create 600 different articles on your topic, or you could categorize them and make you know a couple really long like pillar post content pages about your topic and really go in depth on it.

And it’s a matter of what works best for you. But just combining that with Jasper so can can write your content for you and you can guide it with some of this information based off of what people are actually looking for. We’re just going to help you get more search engine ranking results.

And it’s also going to help you get a lot more traffic because you’re creating content that people are actually looking for on the internet. So I hope you found this information useful. I’m gonna link to answer Socrates underneath this video. And you can check it out for yourself.

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