In this training, you’ll discover how to use the Dummies book series to guide you to creating content people want.


  1. Find a book or articles on the Dummies site
  2. Rewrite the content or use the Table of Contents as a guide for Jasper to write about using
  3. Publish

Unedited Transcript

What I love about the for dummies brand is they produce tons of books on a wide variety of topics. And you know, they are doing a little bit of market research to make sure there’s pent up demand when they’re printing off 1000s of copies of books and putting them on bookstores all across the country plus, making them available for purchase online.

So what I like about this is I can not only find topics, I can browse by different sections, when I visit their website, and I can, you know, just find different topics that I want to learn about. So let’s say I go for pets, are gonna give me a whole bunch of pet articles.

So while we click on this one about pit bulls, and this will be content that is usually from the book or from the actual author of their book. So here is content, I could take this content and read through Jasper AI, and write my own version of this article by rewriting it, it’s usually extracted from their book.

So here, we’ll go check out the book itself. bowls for dummies, ironically, I can’t click on it. But here is the author and looks like she’s written a few other books. Here we go. There’s the link. And so see, it’s the same author here. And I can even look inside the book and look for the table of contents. So let me look inside the book here quick. We’re going to explore contents. And let’s look at the table of contents. So these would be different sections that are in their book.

And each of these could be your own article that you write with, with Jasper, or you could group them together just like they did. And you would have that information. And you could write your own, you can even see inside the book and see how they write some of this a lot of this information you’re going to be able to find on the for dummies website. You can also go to the main page here. And you can see all of their books. So I go to dummies on Amazon.

And so this is going to break things down, I can see stuff in every category that they have. So I can even see their test prep, I can see their tech stuff, I can see their business stuff health at home. So I can see all these different ones. So I can go to pets again here. And there, it’s gonna show me all their popular books about pet. So why don’t we click on puppies? Who doesn’t love puppies. And we’ll see if we can get any more information on this book. So we can click look inside.

And why don’t we go to the table of contents again. And here would be the top things to cover if you were to write something about puppies. So that could be very useful for you. And, you know, sometimes you can see the back cover here, here’s some bullet points. This is what people look at when they’re in the bookstore, if they want to buy this book, so that is a great way to get an idea of how you could create books by going off of what dummies is doing. And I mean, they have books on hundreds, if not 1000s of topics and they sell millions of books.

So it’s a really time saving tool, because they have a whole team of people that are researching these topics, writing these books, editing these books, promoting these books. And putting a lot of work into this plus, I have tons of content on our website that you could copy and paste, put it into and have it rewrite for you. And then check with a tool like Diffchecker or with you know Grammarly or copyscape and make sure that you’re not infringing on their copyright.

And that’s going to help you be a lot more effective, and not have to come up with all the different things you need to cover in a book or on an article that you’re making. Because dummies has already put a bunch of time, money and effort into doing it for you. And then you’re just using Jasper to rewrite this content for yourself.

So I hope you find that useful. And you can click the link underneath this video. And you’ll be able to check out the dummies website where you can do this method that I just demonstrated for you

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