In this training, you’ll learn how you can use content in the public domain with


  1. Find content in the Public Domain using Project Gutenberg or content published by the US government
  2. Use to re-write
  3. Publish

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Do you know how Disney makes a ton of money, they use public domain content. So a lot of those top movies that I know the animated classics that Disney pumps out, they are actually based on old stories. And so Walt Disney has made a fortune, from repurposing and recreating and retelling popular books as animated classics.

Now, you could use this same strategy for yourself. So let’s say that you are going to grab maybe a book that maybe it’s a historical book, like, for instance, this is the history of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, which was written in 1782, and revives in 1845.

Now, there may be some more facts that we’ve learned since then, about the Roman Empire. But that was quite a while ago. And so there’s quite a bit of information in a book like this, where actually I think this series of books, I think this is like a six volumes set, like this is like an encyclopedia about this topic. And so this has a lot of really interesting information, and you could take this information, and you could grab certain sections of it, you know, let’s just say I want to talk about, you know, this guy, you know, I could grab these certain sections, and then I could do explain it like a child, or explain it to a child inside of Jasper AI.

And it’s going to make this content easier to understand in more current language for people to understand that’s going to make really interesting content, especially if it’s on a topic that you could easily monetize or drive a lot of traffic to, and, you know, maybe have some advertising on the site, or promote some some prices, affiliate links in there to help you dominate the search engines, because some of these things are things people that people search a lot for.

And, you know, unfortunately, a lot of the writing is a little dry and boring. So if you could use Jasper to improve that writing and make it easier to understand and digest, I think he’s stand a really good shot. Now, I’m not an attorney. But pretty much anything that’s been published, I think it’s before, like, 1922 is fair game, for public domain. So all sorts of, you know, best selling books.

So historically, all sorts of content, that’s great, that’s out there that that’s older, that’s pretty much fair game to go for, there’s some other rules for a sense, then there’s things like, the creator of the work has to be dead for a certain amount of time, plus some additional years. On top of that, like I think it’s based off of when the work was greater than than some time since they die, before it goes in the public domain.

So you’ll have to do some research or maybe talk to a lawyer before you would just strictly use something. But you could definitely use a lot of different books or articles or resources that you find and have Jasper, kind of rewrite the content, or expand on the topic and make it your own with Jasper. So I think that’d be really cool. Another thing that you should pay attention to is work that’s created by US government employees. So I’ve used this before.

This is something I used in high school. So the like Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or whatever it is FDIC, they have a program called Money Smart. And that is created by federal government employees. And it teaches people how to have better financial stuff, like how to save money, how to use a checkbook, and how to file a tax return, and that kind of thing. Set up a bank account, it covers those kind of topics. So I use that content, I create a website. Now, I didn’t repurpose any of it because I know it was in the public domain.

Basically, they, at the time, they were shipping it out as a CD. And then like a big binder. It was meant to like teach classes about a topic or about all these financial topics that make it really easy to understand why we’ve taken that content from the FDA, see Money Smart, run it through Jasper, who made it even better made it more easy to understand each of those could have been, you know, pieces of content that I shared online that are, you know, hot topics for people. And that would be a great way to, you know, repurpose other content.

So, like I said, I’m not an attorney, you’ll want to do a little more research on public domain. But there’s a ton of potential with public domain. And you could be doing this just full time with Jasper to really improve things and make very unique content.

So I hope you find this information useful. I hope it grows your business. Let me know in the comments below. I really love seeing how you’re using these different ideas that I’m sharing with you on my channel. So let me know and I look forward to hearing from you.

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