Today at 11:59 PST the price of seats for Boss
Mode goes up from $40/person to $50/person.

Upgrade/purchase Boss Mode today for $119/mo +
$40/seat they will grandfather in future team
members at that low price.

Boss Mode features include:

1. 2000-3000 Character Lookback

On your plan, Jasper can only look back at the
previous 600 characters. With Boss Mode, Jasper
reads 2000-3000 characters. This gives the AI
better context, therefore, writing higher-quality

2. Unlimited Runs

Without Boss Mode, you need to write a little
first to give Jasper direction, and then Jasper
writes a paragraph. You had to go back and forth
with Jasper like a little dance. But now with Boss
Mode activated, you can run Jasper unlimited times
without needing to write in between clicking

3. Jasper Commands

The most powerful feature of Boss Mode is the
ability to direct Jasper on what you want to be
written without using templates. For example:
“Write an email hook about…” or “Write a blog
post outline about…”. It’s like giving your
assistant directions and they go and do it for you

Lock in your discount before 11:59 pm PST.


​​​​​​​Reed Floren

Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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