In this training, you’ll learn how to find a certified expert.

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  1. Check out the Jasper certified experts
  2. Do your research and pick the one that can solve your problem
  3. Hire them to coach you
  4. Create content inside

Unedited Transcript

Hey, it’s Reed Floren here and we are going to go through how to find the right Jasper certified expert for you, so they can help you grow your business. So a new feature inside of Jasper is they have the certified experts and we’re starting with 10 experts to help you grow your business and we’re available for I think we’re all available for one on one consultations that you can higher risk for. So we’re going to go through each expert and what they specialize in to help you pick the right person for you. So we have experts that are covering all sorts of topics inside of Jasper.

Now, we’ll start and we’ll look at Sadie’s profile here. Now, Sadie is primarily a blogger and content creation expert. And she’s based in the Pacific Time Zone. She’s in North America, you can check out her website and her YouTube and her LinkedIn profile. And you can see more information about her. But she’s been blogging for more than 15 years and has created multiple six figure businesses. Now, she’s got a lot of training on Jasper, and you can book a one on one call with her.

Now, let’s check out Dan Kurtz. Dan is based in Florida, so he’s on the east coast. And you can check out his website and LinkedIn and YouTube as well. I think of Dan is more of an SEO guy. He has done multiple trainings for the Jasper community for their academy, and including information on how to optimize your SEO to rank number one in your local area with Jasper. So he definitely specializes in local SEO. So if you need help with that, reach out to Dan.

Now Amanda is in the United Kingdom. And I think of Amanda as more of someone that does a lot of blogging because she’s got blogs by Jasper is her website and you check out her website and YouTube and all that. But she’s also done e commerce and membership sites, and some other digital marketing stuff as well and has a bunch of training on Jasper. In fact, she did a how to write product review blog posts, with Jasper as an academy training for members of the Jasper community. So if you want help with writing product reviews or blogging, you might want to reach out to Amanda.

Now, Danny, also speaks English and Spanish. He’s based in Texas, so he’s in the Central Time Zone. Now I think of Danny, as an expert in really growing your team. He’s got a team of like 20 or so writers that are creating content with Jasper. So if you want to grow a team of writers under you that are creating the content for you, you may want to reach out to Danny because he’s been very successful at growing a big agency using Jasper.

Now, Elizabeth, I think that Elizabeth, she’s in the Pacific Time Zone, so she’s on the west coast. And I think of Elizabeth as someone that really helps a lot of newbies. Get started with Java, she’s created a lot of training that’s aimed at people like getting started with Java. So she’s got some training here on how to use boss mode and how to write copy and how to integrate with surfer SEO. So you may want to check out some of those and possibly hire Elizabeth as your coach.

Now Darby. He is based in Texas who is in the Central Time Zone, you check out his website and profiles as well. Darby has taught a lot of people how to write books with a Jasper. In fact, he has a book on writing with Jasper and he also has a course that’s like a challenge on writing with Jasper and kind of writing your your own book in seven days. And I’ve been a guest speaker on his course for that multiple times. And so I know the quality of it. He’s got a lot of great training in there. I’ve read his book, I’ve gone through his his training for his course we’ve got a lot of great content for that. He’s also done a training for the Jasper Academy on how to write and publish your book on Amazon in seven days with AI. And he’s got a bunch of testimonials from people who have actually written books with Jasper. So if you’re looking to write a book, I would definitely connect with Darby and hire him for coaching there.

Now let’s check out Morgan. Morgan is also based in Texas. So quite a few guys in Texas and Morgan does a lot. So he’s on central time. So he does a lot with SEO and pay per click and direct response marketing. He also works in in other niche markets. So he does a lot with the health and fitness and supplements and he calm and stuff like that. So if any of that is something that you’re looking for help with you may want to hire Morgan for help in those areas.

Now, Molly, is I think Molly is an expert on social media marketing, you can check out her website, she’s based in California. She’s on the Pacific time zones on the west coast. She did some training for the Jasper Academy on grow your Facebook group with engaging content using Jasper. And so she really helps a lot of people with social media marketing. So if you’re looking for expertise on social media marketing, you may want to reach out to Molly and hire her as your coach for that.

Now, Michael, is also based in California. So he’s on the west coast, at Pacific timezone. And I think of Michael as more of an expert on doing video marketing, and using photography and stuff like that to really grow your business. And so he also did some training for the academy on how to best utilize Jasper. And so if you need help with doing any sort of, you know, videos or photo marketing your content strategy behind that, you may want to reach out to Michael and hire him as your coach for that as well.

And last but not least, the Jasper Jedi, myself Reed Floren, and I’m based in Central Time Zone, I’m in Minnesota. And I’m more known for a guy that does a lot of email marketing and affiliate marketing. And I also teach people a lot on how to optimize their ads and blogging and stuff like that. So I’ve got my bio here, I’m not going to cover that, but I’ve got some training. So I picked one of my popular ones. These are all blog posts related, but I’ve got hundreds of videos on how to use Jasper. And then you can book a consultation with me right on the site to help you grow your business.

So I hope that helps you narrow it down on who to hire and who would be a good fit for you. I highly recommend that you check out each of the profiles, see what’s good for you check out their websites, check out their content they’ve put online check out what they post in the group, see if they’re a good match for you. Because there might be someone that you really connect well with and you resonate well with and there might be someone else that you don’t resonate well with, or there might be someone that really focuses on something that you need expertise and you need some help with. And that would be the person that I would highly recommend hiring.

So if you want to get a specific thing done, I would definitely reach out to that expert and see if it works out for you know, your budget, their time schedule, and if they can help you grow your business. So click the link underneath this video and it’s going to take you to the Jasper certified experts area where you can learn more about each one of these coaches and you can hire the right coach to grow your business.

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