In this training, you’ll learn how to automate David Frey’s 12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template using

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  1. Create a new document inside
  2. Write a bit about what your product is about.
  3. Use these commands to create your sales letter
  4. Make some minor edits to your sales letter
  5. Profit

Example Output

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Unedited Transcript

In this training, we are going to write a sales letter from scratch using a 12 step foolproof sales letter formula from David Frye. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to start a new document inside of Jasper, we’re going to look at David’s report here, it basically gives you 12 steps that you need to cover to write an effective sales letter to get people to purchase.

Now, here’s a little bit of an intro of why you’d need a sales letter and why people buy from sales copy, but we’re going to really deep dive into his actual system.

So his first step is you need to get people’s attention and give some example headlines. So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to copy this, I’m going to copy that. And I am going to actually come up with what our topic is.

Maybe we have a blogging course, to help you start and create or start making money from your very own blog, or Okay, so that’s what our price. So now I’m going to paste our headline idea. So I am going to have it try a how to headline first and see if I like that. Okay, so that’s an example one. Now, I could try another idea here.

Okay, that’s another headline idea. So these are things we could split test. And we’re going to have another headline idea. I’m going to put quotes around this. Just Jasper knows what I am talking about.

I got clicked something in between here. Hold on. Let me try that one more time. Okay, so there’s three possible headlines, or one could be a headline, and you’ve got a subhead. So that gives us an idea of what we want for our headlines.

Now, I’m going to go to the next command. And so I should probably tell you, so it’s basically we’re going to be combining steps two and three. So this is identifying the problem. And we’re going to really agitate what the problem is. And then we’re going to start talking about our solution.

Okay, so we’re basically doing the problem agitate solution. And so I’m going to run that command take those out. Now, I could have it continue to write more about this if I wanted.

Okay, so I just had to do that just so we have a little bit more in there for Jasper to go off of. Now, I want to have it write my personal bio.

Now, you may want to give Jasper some more information about this to guide it. But that’s just an example. So it’s going to write a little bio about our imaginary blog teacher. Okay, and you know, I might have it compose a little bit more here.

Maybe a little bit more.

And we’ll start there. Okay. Now, that is presenting your credentials. Now we’re going to show the benefits of why they need this course. Thanks, one, Copy that. paste that in there. And it’s gonna come up with some, some, some bullet points. Okay. Now I’m going to have it go a little bit further.

A little bit more.

Okay, so that’s some example bullets for our new product. Now, the next part is where you would give your social proof. So this is where you’re going to have testimonials. You’re maybe going to have some income proof.

You might hills traffic proof. And this is going to mainly be screenshots or video clips. I can’t really have Jasper do this for us because, you know, ethically, we’d need someone to actually legally write a testimonial for us, instead of just creating one on the fly here for our example.

So you’ll want to have some actual customers give you some feedback that you can use as a testimonial. So we’re going to skip that part right now. But we’re going to start making our irresistible offer. Okay, so we’re going to copy that in there. And we’re going to tell Jasper to write an irresistible offer.

Sharp is kind of one on one mind hears that unless you’ve drovers can write a little bit more.

Now we’re going to talk about a guarantee. So I highly recommend having 100% Money Back Guarantee maybe a 30 6090 day whatever you’re comfortable with, usually, the longer the guarantee, the less people take advantage of it. So we are going to see what Jasper comes up with.

Okay, and you may want to flush out that guarantee and talk about your timeline, but we got a you know, kind of the gist of it. But usually go a little bit more in depth there. Now we’re gonna inject some scarcity. So this is gonna get people to take some action, you may have some bonuses, it may be a time limited offer, there may be only be a few copies of this course. Maybe it’s limited to 100 people. We’ll see what Jasper comes up with.

It’s given us some ideas for testimonials. We’ll see if it comes up with anything else.

Okay, now we might have a risk of loss and why there’s some consequences if they don’t purchase that. So that’s really going to be our call to action.

cause fear of loss motivates people to take more action than game generally.

Come on Jasper hang it up. Copy that. Make sure I don’t lose it.

All right. I’m gonna try this again.

All right.

You know, I think I lucked out a part.

Okay, it’s like that. Without a warning, now we’re gonna close with a reminder. And then we’ll do a PS after this.

Again, weird that must be the default because I’ve had this happen before when I was playing with problem agitate solution because there’s nothing in here that’s related to water. But that seems to be a default for. Well, we’ll skip that for now we did get a PS.

So you’d add a few other elements, like maybe some bonuses and some testimonials, some social proof. But I mean, just in a few minutes of playing around with this, we’ve got over 500 words for our sales letter for a real basic guide on how to start blogging and start making money blogging.

So it’s a real quick and dirty way to make your own sales letter using Jasper in a matter of minutes. So let me know what you think. Let me know if you find any other commands that work well for writing your own sales copy. I look forward to creating more templates like this to help you write more copy.

So if you have any suggestions for other sales letter templates to follow, let me know in the comments below because I look forward to making more of these for you to help you make more money online.

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