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In this training, I’m going to share with you how you can use a site called wiki how, which gives you a Creative Commons license for content that people put on here. Now, the people that originally write the content, do retain copyright to it, but from how I interpret their legal document, they allow you to repurpose this information.

So you want to check with a lawyer first, I’m not one, I’m just sharing what I’ve found with their website, it allows you to use this content. So what I would do is I would copy and paste content from their site. And then I would use to right to expand, excuse me to expand on it and to improve it. And that’s how I would use content that someone else has already written.

Like, for instance, here’s one, this is an article that’s been viewed. Wow, 4,597,000 times, okay, it’s on how to tie a tie. And so it even has, you know, q&a, and it’s got videos and references and a summary. And it’s got different knots you can try. It does have pictures, so you’d probably want to make your own pictures, because I’m not sure you know what all you’d have to do for their pictures.

But you know, that’s, that’s pretty cool. They have a little GIF here, Jeff, how are there pounds, but you could copy and paste this text. You could drop it into Jasper AI, and have it rewrite it that way. You it’s almost like having private label rights content.

And you’re letting make your own version of it really quickly and easily without having to really do think much thinking because these are articles that tend to get shared a lot online, they tend to rank really well in the search engines. And you’re just going to make a better version of it.

Because you have artificial intelligence tools to improve on these wikihow articles, either by expanding on them, or rewriting them or even using the explain it to a child explained to a fifth grader tool inside of to make it even simpler and easier to understand. And you could do that for all sorts of different articles day after day, on your specific topics.

So let’s go to their main site here. And you know, the half stuff, I believe I can even categorically look at things. So let me We’ll go computers and electronics, okay. And they got featured articles. Now, I believe I can get even further narrowed down if I want. So we’ve got other stuff, let’s go with our wireless technology. So probably talked about Wi Fi. And we could talk about wireless networking.

Okay. And let’s see if there’s any further things that we can narrow it down. Wi Fi, okay, let’s roll all the way down. If there’s anything else, boosting Wi Fi signals, okay. Like, that might be a good way to make a site about boosting Wi Fi and having things for sale as an affiliate. So like, how to improve Wi Fi reception. Alright, so here’s an article.

And being that it’s, you know, kind of a pre tech centric thing, it’s probably gonna be written at a higher grade level. So let’s check out Hemingway app. Just out of curiosity, what that paragraph is, that’s not a grade nine, which isn’t horrible.

But I bet we could drop this in And make it simpler to understand because this is, especially this sentence here because hemingways thinks this one’s pretty hard. We could improve on this and make our own version of this article, get her own pictures together. And then we’ve got our own article on how to improve Wi Fi reception.

This particular one’s been viewed 3,322,000 times I was just updated back in March. So there’s definitely a lot of potential here. Since you’re using Jasper to rewrite these articles and improve them, you will retain the copyright of that information and you can you know basis off of other people’s work that know something inside and out. And you’re letting Jasper improve on it and returning you as the expert for a topic and then you just need to start putting in your own pictures or your own video to accompany this information and then start driving traffic either paid traffic or you know getting links to your site and getting some free SEO traffic.

Getting those search engine rankings from this content that you’ve put out there, or, you know, turning this and turning it into like a little booklet you could sell on Amazon, or turning it into some sort, of course, where you go into a little bit more detail than what this article covers. And you have, you could have Jasper, write out the content there and turn it into a product that you can sell.

So there’s pretty much unlimited potential here. I don’t know how many things are if I search Google, and we’ll see how many articles there are ranked right now for wiki how. So they have 472,000 articles that are currently indexed by Google, on the wiki house sites, he pretty much have something about just about anything, that you could have to help you write your own version and help you create something in your niche market to be successful online and to have this content that you could share and start growing your expertise without having to do a ton of research because someone else has done all the work. And usually they even include footnotes inside their work. So you can even sort of sort of recite some different sources to give your article even more credibility.

So I hope you found that useful. Let me know in the comments below. I look forward to helping you grow your business using tools like ai, so click the link underneath this video and let me know what you think.

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