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In this training, I want to share with you a couple resources that I’ve recently found, which help you find different checklists on the internet, for all sorts of different topics. They also allow you to create your own checklists. Now, what I think would be a very useful strategy is to grab someone else’s checklist, and then put it into and have, improve it, make it better, and expand on the checklist. Because that way, you basically have the outline of a book or a product from someone else’s effort of putting together this checklist.

And then you’re expanding on it with the tool, you’re gonna even rewrite the checklist, so you’re not worried about any sort of copyright infringement. But this is a fantastic way for you to turn out content incredibly fast that people have put a lot of effort and time into creating so like this. This example checklist has been viewed, you know, 5731 times it’s all about freelance blogging, okay.

So what I can do is, I could just copy that information, I can go into the long form assistant here, freelance blogging, okay. And we’ll go with freelance blogging as our keyword. And again, I don’t think I saved my keyword freelance, blogging, there we go. generate ideas. So this is from the site check, Li, and then this other site, I found his checklist calm, and they’re both very similar like this one. This particular one is about a moving checklist. And so you could just copy and paste that whole thing, drop it into, and make your own version of it.

So I’m just going to grab that title, I’ll have it generated I an ideal. So it’s kind of just kind of do an intro paragraph here. Use it open editor. Cool. All right. Now, I’m gonna paste that whole thing in there. Don’t need that image. You get the idea. So you know what? I will pay paste it without formatting. There we go. Now, I don’t have all those bullets. All right.

So I could turn these into headings. If I want. I’ll put length long. Compose. That’s what I’m gonna do. It’s three Asterix here. Let’s try that may work better, and I’ll have it start. Like it’s finishing a sentence here. Let’s try doing a few things here. So I’ll highlight that change. Try composing again. Or just getting questions interesting. I have to think a little bit more on this like approve keyword from list of approved keywords. Let’s try putting as like step one. Does for step two I think the freelance blogging thing is kind of messing it up. That’s how I deleted everything.

Let’s see what happens now. That’s right, It’s always a workaround. See what you do now, you have nothing to base it off of. Interesting, it’s still seems to know that it’s blogging. So what I’m going to do is copy my keywords again, I don’t know. And boom, and continue. Oh, yeah, that’s the one I want. Like, Haha, yeah, nothing. Open editor. That’s right. You don’t know what I want you to do now.

Alright, let’s see what it does kind of fun. Has nothing to go off of. There we go. That might have that looks like it’s doing a better job of giving an example. for that. Thanks. So now what I’m going to do is have these Asterix will make it so it doesn’t go above it doesn’t look at anything above it. And I’ll go with long here. And that’s basically walking through how you’d want to fact check this was basically walking through how to create a blog post, then

I’ll do the Asterix again. This is how you would want to do this. This is how I would do it. And that way, you could create your own expanded article based off of a popular checklists that someone else wrote, I would probably take these particular headings and rewrite them. So maybe either rephrase would be one way to do it, or explain it to a fifth grader are kind of going back and forth until you find a nice mix up for yourself just so you would pass any sort of plagiarism, you’re just taking the general outline idea from the checklist, but you’re totally making it your own.

And then you’re using To expand on the information, you could also write some of this information yourself and then put in your own pictures or video clips. But that’d be a fantastic way to turn out a an article for something very quickly on a topic that you don’t really know a whole lot about, because someone else has taken the time crafting this checklist. And then you’re able to turn that into a blog post, you could record it as a video, you could extract the video content. And that could be like an mp3.

So you could have a podcast, you could do all sorts of stuff to repurpose this information or sell it as, as your own course or over a book, all sorts of stuff that you can do with this. So it’s a really powerful way to get a lot of writing done in a short amount of time, just by doing a few simple tweaks, I really think starting your article off where it has no information, I just put it in a space. So it had nothing to go off of and And then it just looked at my beginning header here. That was I think the most efficient way to do this, because it didn’t have anything to go off of. And that was a great way for the tool to just focus on this particular sentence. and expand on it wasn’t getting confused with other information. So that’s a little trick that we figured out just by making this video.

So I hope you found this useful. I hope this is a great way for you to create a lot of content really fast, my implementing checklists that other people have put together and making your own version of it with expanding on it so you can create massive articles, massive blog posts, video content could be a script for whatever you want to do just by combining this all together.

So let me know if this is useful for you for you. Just leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you and I look forward to growing your business. We’ll tools like Jasper AI

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