In this training, you’ll learn how you create better content using Udemy and


  1. Find a course on Udemy in your niche market
  2. Look at the “What You’ll Learn”, “Course Contents” and “Customer Reviews” sections for inspiration
  3. Copy those elements into Jasper and let him write your version of the course
  4. Publish

Unedited Transcript

So in this training, we’re going to cover how you could find information in Udemy, or Udemy. Or however it’s pronounced, and get what people are actually looking for online that they are struggling to find content for, because they are spending money investing in a course.

And there’s other places like this, like Coursera, and stuff like that. So let’s look at this site. And we’re gonna go on categories, I could also search for anything, but let’s we’ll just go for fun here, we’ll scroll through here and do maybe business entrepreneurship, let’s go with online business, because that’s my market.

Now I could, you know, I could also narrow it down and do like affiliate marketing, or list building or whatever. Now, you can see which ones are most popular. You can also see which ones are bestsellers. So for instance, like this is one on, it’s the best selling course on how to be a six figure online seller, selling online courses, or online business selling courses. And, you know, they’ve got 827 reviews out of almost 8000 students.

So you could look at this for ideas and put it into Jasper and have him write, you could take these bullet points from the what you’ll learn, and have great content that way. With Jasper, you could scroll down here and look at the different reviews, because that’s going to give you ideas of what people like and dislike. But here’s the section that I really like. This is the course content. So this is broken down into eight sections, 49 lectures, it’s almost five hours. So I’m going to expand all of these.

And I can see what the titles are for each section of this course. Now, you see this, like little character arrow or whatever you want to call it, I could click on that. And it’s going to show me the full text description of that particular bullet point. So I could do that for each one. And then I could copy and paste this information.

And you probably want to drop it into a spreadsheet. So you could get rid of this particular column and this particular column, and that way you could grab this information will just be in Excel, and and that’s going to give you a really good start to have Jasper right. Each one of these could be their own article, you may want to put it in there where you have Jasper kind of rephrase this a bit, so you’re not so blatantly copying and pasting from here. But it’s a great way to get a really good start on your product.

And you see, or your blog posts. Each one of these sections like this is all about envisioning, like, you could make posts about each one of these like coming up with a probable course topic idea could be, you know, a video could be a blog post could be an article could be a course all on its own. Or you could do this whole envisioning thing.

And you you factor in all these example things right here, all these bullets into one article that flows, maybe you’re making a new multiple 1000 word article that really dives deep on that topic. And you can do the same thing with each one of these, like the positioning and packaging, of course, that could be a whole separate one. Now, if you want, you could also buy the course and get some more information. Like for instance, maybe you’re not an expert on a particular topic, you can buy the course too. And look at it.

Sometimes I think they even give you access to the transcript. I don’t know if you can download that information briefly. I don’t feel like usually can. But sometimes there’s other resources like PDFs and things like that. And that may be a relatively inexpensive way, especially when they’re on sale like this one, I guess it’s normally $95 at 16. Right now, I don’t know if that’s always on sale or not, and maybe an artificial discount.

That seems to be pretty common on this site where things are always on sale. But it’s a great way to really find what people are willing to spend money on and make your own version of it. So you could have a potential blog post that could rank very high in search engines because people are searching for this information. They’re finding these answers and they’re really, your sales copy on these courses is not that amazing? It’s a couple bullet points. And usually a little video that kind of welcomes you to the course and you see some reviews.

It’s not like a full blown sales page that you typically see if you’re from the direct response world where it really builds a lot of emotion and really agitates the problems that you have. And you know convinces you of the solution is only to be found in this this product that you Purchase right now on a special deal before supplies run out of this digital information.

And so just factor that in mind that a lot of this could be improved and, and taken elsewhere. You know, you could turn these into like a Kindle book, you could turn it into a blog post, you could turn it into your own like full blown course that you sell with a real sales letter and get people promote it and drive paid traffic to it and do a lot of cool stuff.

So this is a really kind of a super hack to generate great content with conversion that AI so I hope you find this information useful. Let me know in the comments below. I love hearing from people that are watching these videos and implementing these strategies. And if you have any ideas for other videos that you want me to make, let me know I love implementing ideas that I get from other people in demonstrating how you can use to explode your business.

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