In this training, you’ll learn how you can use the Thruuu SERP Analyzer to create better content.


  1. Get a free Thruuu account
  2. Change the number of results to scrape to 100
  3. Enter in your keyword/niche and scrape the results
  4. Look over the data and copy the relevant information into Jasper
  5. Create your content using
  6. Publish

Unedited Transcript

In this training, we’re going to cover one of my favorite tools called through, and you can get access to a free account for this. And then if you want, you know, additional credits, you can purchase them, but I think it gives you 10 credits a month for free. So we’re going to just type in a topic, let’s go with how about make money blogging, for example, I’m going to have it go for us, Google, English, and 100 results per page or desktop.

And I’ll include the page performance, because that may be useful information for me. So I’m going to have it scrape the search engine results. So it’s going to run through, this could take up to a couple minutes, but it’s going to grab the I think it’s the top 100 results from Google, it’s going to crap.

Like the titles, the header tags, the links to everything, it’s going to grab all sorts of content and put it into a nice spreadsheet that I can look at. And then I could use that information as a great outline, to combine with dot AI, to write an article of my own based off of what is already doing well, what people are looking for online with this tool. It’s also if memory serves will also grab some of the questions that people ask as well.

So that’s a good thing to cover, in your articles those two as well, because it’s going to grab some of those frequently asked questions that people are looking for related to your topic. So it’s almost done, grabbing this information. And hopefully, this will load up here real soon. And then I’ll be able to open this up and just share with you how this will work.

So we are still waiting, may have to pause this and see what’s going on. But it’s it’s grabbing it. So I’m going to do is I’m going to pause, and I’ll come back once it has finished. And we’re back here. So it grabbed, there were almost 63 million results. The average article is 4770. Words, the longest one was 18,000. shortest was 924. It’s got a 47 page rank 100 was the best 23 was the lowest that got this performance score, there was a feature snippet and the on page FAQ, it was able to grab, grab some images.

The last thing was dated six hours ago, and a speed score. Now I can look at these informations like here, here is grabbing. This is a featured snippet one it’s even grabbed the like a screenshot it looks like or I think the image that goes with the featured image is what it grabbed. It grabbed some of the questions that that people are asking. So I’ve got some of this information shows me the the URL and the meta description where it ranks, all that is on there. Now I can look at the titles. So like, here’s all the titles that people used, you can see the which things are most frequently talked about. So that would be some some topics to cover. Let’s look at the h1 tags.

So here’s your h1 tags. Here’s the top things people are talking about there. Let’s look at the H tos. So here’s your your h twos that are very common as well. Let’s look at description. So these are the descriptions and also what’s talked about in those descriptions. I think if I just I can’t click on those, I was thinking I could see Related Search.

So here’s some other things that people are searching for. Here’s some questions people ask, here’s some of the top videos. Here’s the performance score of things who you can focus on improving your like your how fast your site loads, and that is a ranking factor. So let’s grab an Excel file of all this information. should let me download that. So downloading that open that up. I just want to show you just how easy it is to access all this information. So you can just copy and paste it into Jasper if you want.

Alright, so kind of same thing as before. You got your overview gives you a little more detail about different stuff even tells you what kind of schema they’re using all sorts of, kind of nerdy SEO stuff is in here, got your search engine performance, that’s also a bunch of nerdy stuff.

Here’s your titles. Here’s your headlines. And here’s your headlines for individual articles, I probably shouldn’t have done that so big. But basically, like, those ones are all on the same one. So you could make your own post based off of what someone’s doing.

So lets me show you an example. Here, I am going to do a filter, I let’s grab let’s go for a URL, I’ll just do this one. I don’t know what they covered, but they covered Apple, that’s not the best example. Let me try to give you a better example. Here go like this one, covered a few things.

So there might be some use there. Heading three tags can be very useful. I found these to be quite, quite good. So let’s go with the smart blogger. So, for instance, this one broke down a bunch of different ideas, even some questions. Those are, you know, you could write individual topics on each one of those or that could really guide Jasper to create content based off that.

You know, here’s the frequently asked questions, and you also get the answer. So you could have Jasper rewrite that that answer, here’s popular links that are being shared with this content. More questions. This is more organic research results. It’s just the further down the page, which isn’t as useful. Like page two, three, and four, and five, it looks like are also included in this export.

So I would focus more on the page one, and really pay attention to the Heading One, two, and three tags, especially for you know, individual sites that you like the sort of quick way to grab that content. And then you could run it into Jasper and have Jasper write your article for you.

So I hope you found that information useful. Let me know in the comments below how this is helping you grow your business

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