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Let’s play around with the content editor inside of surfer SEO. So what I want to do is I want to type in a phrase actually, why don’t we have a little fun here, we will do a content planner. And we are going to grab a keyword, let’s do a list building and want to have it create content planner.

So we’re gonna create a content planner, and then we’ll use that to create a Content Editor.

Because this may give us some keywords, that would be additional stuff to talk about, it’s going to give us a little cluster of stuff.

wanna pause this while it loads that up? Alright, so it finished that. Let me click through. And we’ll see some ideas here. So we’ve got all these different clusters. And I can sort things. So why don’t we look at high low volume, and see if there’s anything that looks interesting. curating content can be interesting how to create a landing page could be an interesting one to do. buyer personas that could be interesting. Some of these are really related to email marketing, like our responder, you know, but newsletter signups that could be a good one that people aren’t going to, is it illegal to add someone to a mailing list? That could be an interesting topic to cover? Clean email lists, so like how to clean your list this building? Let’s see what it says for list building. So like, these are all different ones. I could even add NLP here. Okay, good. Why don’t I create a content editor here.

So it’s fine to analyze this give me information for my document.

Now, we’ll also be able to access all of this inside of But I just want to share how you could do this real quick. Because this is going to give you an idea of content you should be creating with So you have a better chance of ranking the search engines and get that free Google traffic. So it says my editor is almost ready, I’m going to pause this here while it creates my editor. Right. So it’s created my content editor. And I am going to open this up, I can also share this with other people to make things useful for them to edit this can access this insight And I can share that as well. Let me open up So I’m going to show how you can access these features. So this allows me to see what my content would be.

And I could write in here myself and optimize the content saying that I need between 6000 and almost 8000 words, I need 293 paragraphs need a bunch of headings should have a lot of images. And it’s going off of all those keywords that we had before. We talked about here’s different things is going for. So a lot of these seem to be podcasts that are ranking really well. We can look at the different headings that we definitely need to be talking about, we can look at natural language processing. So these are different keywords that we should definitely talk about.

Here’s different topics. So a lot of these are questions that probably needs answering. And I could copy all those and put them into And me, I could just do an article that covers those if I want it. Here’s where I can put my own notes. So let’s go on to show you quick how this works. Now I could have created this inside of as well. We’ll go from here. And what I’m going to do is I want to use a long form system.

And we’re going to go with let’s see what our keyword was. Don’t go with list building for now. write a blog post about this building. Hey, why don’t we have some brother keywords? Maybe email lists, strategies was one. Let’s do our email list building and list building strategies. Okay, so we’re gonna make sure we hit those let’s generate ideas. We’re going to come up with our title

Do that one for now. We’ll generate ideas for our paragraph, our introduction.

Okay. One, okay and open editor. Now what I could do is I could have Jasper continue right here, maybe I’ll do long output. Let me open up SEO mode just so you can see how we can access everything here. Now I could have created this, right inside here, but where we’ve got this building, so that’s our content editor.

Okay, so I’m at a for right now for for this particular thing. Now, let’s compose and come up with some content.

Have that and redo it, because it just kind of keep the same thing. So this is kind of coming up with a listicle version, which could be kind of useful for for you. Now I can download my information, like as a txt file, let’s just show what that looks like. So this is things that I need to make sure that I talk about which can be useful. As all those questions and stuff, you can also see it as a HTML file they’ve got, I can mark things as done, I don’t want to do that. I can disconnect it from the page if I want to. And this should give me some settings. So here I can see what my competitors are doing.

And I can even select the different competitors that I want. I can select all the terms I want to make sure I hit on I can look at all those questions. Like here’s the people also asked questions. Here’s what my competitors are talking about, here’s what surfer thought would be a good question. Here’s those terms of mention the content structure my notes. And here’s the list of competitors like I can, I can include those competitors, I want. Why don’t we include them all? and just see how things change here for now.

Can you find out more if I wanted, I’m not going to do that from now. So it’s going to be kind of crazy. So this shows is going to give me some update information. I can hit that to go. And it’s got that stuff there. Let’s look at the P. So let’s get some of those.

Let’s look at topics. So these were the questions that surfer thought would be good to hit on. Do just kind of scroll up here. copy those. And leave that for now. Frequently Asked Questions about list building. Okay. put that there. Change that 2021 Celsius. And some of these may be duplicate. But let’s start with that. I have it right answer.

Now, if I didn’t like that answer, I could have it redo

it. That’s one way to do it. Another way I could do is like go What is this building? I can copy this and I can go into power mode. And let’s go to Quora answers are going to create AI output. Right.

Sir like this one. We’ll copy that one. paste that in here. Clay and there are Got my content I could even have, you know, Jasper continued to write about that content. If I wanted to have a more detailed answer, you know, keep going from there. And then I would just do that same process and answer these other questions. Now, other things that I can do with this to improve my score, let’s go back to SEO mode.

Okay, I’m close to 600 words. All right, I’m barely done anything with this. Okay, I’m already out at 12. So let’s make this a header to tag see went out there. And then I can even do it with to make it look like a header. And these these different shortcodes can do different things to help you out with their editor. Let me show tips, which shows quite a bit here. So we’re going to scroll through, we can highlight text like a share, we can format text shortcodes.

So the place three Asterix at will prevent Jasper from seeing above, and the two hash tags symbols or pound sign, it makes it a header, which can help guide Jasper. So that can be useful. And then there’s, you know, they talked about power mode as well. So you can see that, you know, with this, I can continue with more of this building strategies. So, for instance, let’s say that I wanted these to be headers.

Oops, do you want to spell three, maybe I want to do like 10 strategies, for example. Okay. Now I could make these their own headers, which is going to help my content out, and then I could even have Jasper come up with some more. So.

So that’s not before. Now, what I’m going to do is I’m going to refresh this, but sometimes, it seems to need to do that. So I switched power mode, and then go back to SEO mode. And my score should go up a little bit. We’ll see. But this is a great way to optimize your content, I guess I’m still at a 20. So I probably need some more header tags. When we do another one, I want to do all of these as headers and see what it does. Yeah, see, we’ve got 29 there. And then each one of these, I could use those Quora answers to come up with answers or just have Jasper right answers to I could have Jasper continue to come up with strategies.

So let’s say we want to just type in list building strategy number five. And Jasper should come up with another strategy for us to do. So that’s coming up with a few more strategies. And so you know, I can continue to guide it, I could come up with my own list of strategies. So for instance, I could go into power mode here. And I could do like, blog post outline. And I could do like list building strategy. Right, it should come up with a few different ones.

I could put each of those strategies inside of the law enforcement system here. So like, here, it came up with six different ones. And here, it came up with another six, and here’s another six. So you could kind of figure out the unique strategies that you liked. And you could kind of move those all over to the ones that you wanted. Maybe you come up with a list of like 25 strategies for growing an email list. And each one of those you could have Jasper expand on by using the Compose button here, or you could write a little bit yourself. Or you could use the Quora answers and have it do some stuff, sentence expander.

You can play with these different tools, and it will help you come up with the actual content. You put that in here. Then maybe at the bottom of your article, you can answer some top questions or this could be a separate article, you can have multiple articles. And that way, they can link back to each other. And so you could create a lot of content and optimize it with surfer SEO. So it fits as best practices for creating content that ranks well in Google so you can get free search engine traffic that we all crave. So check out ai and check out surfer SEO. they integrate really nicely together and it’s kind of like To create more optimized content a lot faster than you normally would be able to do it. And I love how it’s all built in here. And you can just access everything from one easy to use platform.

And if you’re on a plan, where you have multiple users in your workspace, you can have it so they have access to the server SEO integration, which is going to allow them to create an optimize your content for you. So then you can just look at the finished version of the article, maybe do a few tweaks here and there, add some pictures, and put it into WordPress and publish it on your site. So that’s a great time saving tool to allow other people to create and optimize your content. And then you just go in and make a few changes, few few edits here and there, add some images and hit publish on your site. And that’s a great way to get the free traffic that you want and crave with this. And one more thing that I wanted to share with you on this that I didn’t share is you can share this content.

So in the content editor, I should be able to share this with someone else if I need to know I’ve done this before on here where I’ve been able to share this here, you might have to be inside of a server SEO. But there’s a way to share this content with anyone, you can also create a new Google document. So you could give people access to this inside of Google Chrome. And there’s even a surfer SEO Chrome extension or Google Docs extension add on that allows them to have access to all this information inside Google Docs. And they can edit the document right in there and optimize it for for them give them this link.

They don’t even need a surfer SEO. Knowledge didn’t load that time. But basically they they can access and make tweaks to the document and they don’t need a surfer SEO subscription. So that’s another great way to help you. Optimize your content, let other people do the work inside your business.

So you can be focused on coming up with the overall game plan and the content you want made. And they can do the grunt work of creating content and optimizing the content for you. And you can focus on higher level tasks in your business. So I hope you found that information useful. I hope that you’re able to use in SurferSEO to create content that ranks and gets you all that free Google traffic that I know you are looking for.

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