In this training, you’ll learn how to research your market with Soovle so you can create better content inside


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Soovle, I think it’s how it’s pronounced is a great way to come up with keywords. So it’s going to search a bunch of different resources for me, let me type in affiliate marketing. Okay. And so that one, it just went to Google. But when I just type in affiliate marketing, it’s going to grab the different keywords, and I could copy those. And I could put them into your Jasper AI, or I could click on them, and it’s going to give me you know, a Google search for that term. I can switch insurance if I want. So affiliate marketing, let me change the the order of which ones I want to go on.

So that’s, that’s a great way to try different things. So like here, this is going to do affiliate marketing websites I’m being and show me a bunch of the results for that. So it’s a great way to kind of search a lot of different sites at once and get a feel for kind of the top recommended recommendations for different keywords to create content for so affiliate marketing. So we’re seeing like affiliate marketing for beginners and affiliate marketing for dummies and affiliate marketing websites.

For beginners, again, for beginners, for beginners, it’s obviously a top for beginners, it’s obviously something that’s quite popular on a bunch of these search engines. So just bear that in mind, it’s a good way to, you know, come up with stuff, you can even save these keywords, somehow I know there’s a way to do it, and we have to have two there, that’ll export as a CSV. So it gives me some of them as a CSV, which the way that’s organized is probably not the easiest way to use.

But I know there’s also a way to say, let’s see, I can save these suggestions. So like I can, I can drag and drop them, I can even print it, I can email it to myself, I can see, this does Google Trends for those keywords. So it’s, it’s gonna compare, I didn’t pick the best keywords to do the trends analysis for but it’s a good way to come up with some content. And you can access as you can even give people the permalink for your specific search that you had. So you can give them that they’ve got some training on their website for how to use this tool, but it’s, it’s a free resource to get some keyword data.

And you know, each one of these could be an article that you create, I would export this content and then remove the duplicate or maybe count the ones you could count on an Excel or Google Sheets and have it tell you how many times something is seen multiple times because if you see something like that affiliate marketing for beginners was how about new most of these, that would be an article to create, probably because that’s being searched for a lot on all these sites, and or create some sort of content for you know, video or whatever. And that could have some potential for you because people are looking for that on on a bunch of places.

And so if you’re creating that kind of content, and you know, perhaps you get to rank you could benefit from possibly getting traffic from Google and Bing and Amazon and Yahoo and YouTube and and you know, this answer site that they’re they’re using so there’s there’s a lot of different potential that that you could get from this by using swivel to to help you find those keywords that your customers are searching for.

And then you can use to create content that solves those questions they really want. So you can get free traffic from the search engines and start getting those people to know like and trust you get on your email list or buying your products and services and do some business with you. So if you found this information useful, comment below with the or nugget that you learned from this training.

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