In this training, you’ll learn how to write Google My Business product descriptions with


  1. Use the Google My Business Product description tool inside
  2. Post your product description in Google My Business

Unedited Transcript

Let’s say that you’re using the Google My Business tool and you want to come up with the description of your product. Why don’t we do that? And you know, maybe that where we’ll be McDonald’s, and we’ll be shelvings. Neil, with a toy with a burger, fries, drink and a toy. Okay, we call it a happy meal. Okay. We’ll go with 10 outputs. To what comes out with that something probably all familiar with bounce heavy meal, a complete meal of kids includes a full size hamburger fries.

And a drink meal also includes age appropriate toilet ranges from simple puzzle to action figures, McDonald’s Happy Meals are made with 100%, USDA inspected beef, fresh, whole potatoes and premium vegetables, they provide your own quality nutrition at the restaurant they know best. Yeah, it may not be the most accurate description, but partially accurate.

What a happy meal is. And the rounds true has been around for like 40 or 50 years, I think. Yeah. So there we go. Talking about some of the drink choices they get. And some of the other other options.

So yeah, there’s definitely potential here with the product description. And you could localize this, I mean, you could be a dentist and say, some sort of dentistry service you offer or, you know, some, some other like service business or mechanic or something. And you could have a description of what you guys offer with this product description tool.

So it’s a very nice way to, I mean, you could even use this on your website or on your social media posts as well. So there’s a lot of potential here to promote your business. I mean, what if you use this for even like, you know, you sit down or a restaurant and I haven’t been out or you know, actual restaurant with a menu in a while, but you sit down in a restaurant with a menu. And oftentimes they have a little blurb, about what the food item is, then they might have like the name of it, it’ll be like steak or whatever.

But they’ll have like a sentence or two that describes how the steak is done. And so you could use this price description. And you can have a nice little sense. And then I mean, like this looks like it’s during a whole paragraph, you could take this paragraph and then run it through the text summarizer tool inside of

And it’s going to take these three or four sentences or whatever in this paragraph is going to take out the nice little bit and it’s going to put that into like one sentence and you could use that in your menu. So that’s just something that you another way that you could use this tool to help your business grow.

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