In this training, you’ll learn how to create Google My Business offer posts inside


  1. Open up the Google My Business Offer Posts tool inside
  2. Enter in your offer details
  3. Let Jasper make it sound awesome
  4. Publish

Unedited Transcript

Another thing with the Google My Business section of is an offer posts. So let’s see how that works, we’re gonna go to the Google My Business offer, oh, this is a good one. So it’s like, like a free offer or something you can do so like maybe kids can get a free face painting at the back to school. All right. And we’ll just go through that and see what it does. Get your child’s face painted for free. Let’s draw some smiles on your kids faces at our back to school event, we’ll be offering free face paintings. fun activity safely environment, such a deal won’t last long. Free face painting. I mean, that’s funny even gave a date. So like I could have mentioned the date. And you know how they could access it. talks about offer details. And there’s even some other stuff they can get like a discount.

You know, here you can even have it do like a promo code. So what I love doing with is not giving it much information. First time I use a tool. And that way I can kind of see how it’s been trained a little bit with other copy examples. Because, you know, I put in 61 characters here. And that’s really not much information for this to go off of, and I didn’t tell it what the company or product name was, or tone of voice, any of that. And so I can kind of get an idea of how it was trained with some of this writing to figure out what to say and right. And so, like this one, you know, promotional codes could be something I could talk about, you know, talking about a checkout, it’s talking about a certain date and time, we’ve got like, hurry, this offer won’t last long, there was another like call to action, or scarcity thing, you know, special deal won’t last long.

So stop, be sure to stop by soon. So it has some, some calls to action, you know, stop by soon, you know, 10 to 3pm. So you can definitely do some sometimes that also threw in, you know, different discounts and other, you know, coupons. So like, here’s, here’s this activity, and oh, by the way, while you’re here, for our free thing, we’ve got this other deal that you can have to take advantage of it, you know, maybe it’s the grand opening or, you know, like I’ve been to places where it’s been like, lately, the store opened, and then they had, you know, maybe some free food kind of thing to get you in the door.

And maybe they had some you know, 10 or 20% off coupon or something for that first day, or for the grand opening special that you could apply for for any item and so they could talk about that kind of stuff, too. To help get you in the door. Not only are you gonna get your free hot dog and chips and a drink or whatever, you’re going to also save, you know, 10% out of our pawn shop today, that kind of thing and that was like a legit example of a place I went to actually shortly before thing was made the summer before COVID started. I one of those opened or like the fall before COVID started one of those open and you know, we stopped by cuz they had some free food. We were just driving past and we saw Oh, that plays open and there and they they’re doing free food. And sure enough, we had free food and then they had some special going on for stuff they were selling. We didn’t buy anything but other people did.

And so that’s a great way to get people in the door and it was a nice way for us to get a free dinner. So definitely check out the Google My Business offer post insight I think it’s a very useful tool that can help bring in customers to your door and get them to buy your products and services even when you’re giving out something for free because they are just going to beat a path to you. When you give out a quality offer for free. That gets them interested excited to spend money with you.

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