In this training, you’ll learn how to write a sales letter in the style of Gary Halbert using

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  1. Save this recipe to your account
  2. Enter in a brief summary of your product
  3. Run the commands
  4. Make a few minor tweaks
  5. Profit

Unedited Transcript

In today’s video we are going to create a sales letter like Gary Halbert.

Now Gary Halbert is one of the most famous copywriters that ever lived.

And we’re going to try out this new recipe I’ve created based off of Gary’s since copy how he used to write sales copy before he passed away.

So Neesha here, wrote that she’s got an assessment tool that writes the first strap, first draft of your fundraising pitch deck for you.

So let’s see if we can turn this into some copy.

So I’m going to run this and paste what it’s about.

Paste without some formatting here.

didn’t want to go.

There we go.

And we’re going to try to get their attention.

With a headline for the ride.

Starting to get there, and let’s try again.

Try this with great attention grabbing headline for the above.

Here we go.

But one tool for running a successful fundraising campaign.

I like that.

So why should someone be interested in this?

Why should they believe you?

Sounds pretty interesting.

Let’s prove that it’s true.

Oops, I clicked somewhere.

I was actually looking pretty good.

Let’s try to get to that one again.

See, the first version better the first one I did the best.

Let’s recreate see if it comes up with another one.

I don’t want them to have a free preview of it.

Not quite.

Saying that I clicked good.

That was looking really nice.

It’s not want to do it.

Still not as good as that first version.

Let’s try again.

I know I could go through my document history, but I want to see what it comes up with.

That’s the start to create some more here.

Okay, so if it did a few things, we’re not going to continue too much.

Then we’re going to describe the benefits of the above.

Gives us any more detail.

How to order.

Time to order now.

One last time.

I think that can just be combined.

Tell them how to order Now, okay, so we got kind of a starting point of sales copy.

We can expand on this we can add some testimonials we can add some, some facts or some statistics to to our copy, but we’ve got the general kind of gist of what you need for your sales page and it’s following a format that Gary Halbert used over and over and over again for a lot of his best performing sales letter.

So I hope you find this recipe useful.

You can click the link underneath this video, add this recipe in your account, and you can start creating the first initial drafts kind of similar to how Gary Halbert used to write his sales copy

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