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Unedited Transcript

I don’t know who I am.

I’ve been I’m Reed Floren.

I’ve been marketing online since 1999.

I was a 13 year old when I started making money online 35 now, and I’ve traveled all over the world, sharing what I’ve learned about online marketing and helping 1000s of entrepreneurs make money online.

And now one of my favorite things to do is to play around with Jasper and teach people how to use it.

So that’s in a nutshell.

Well, Shane, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your book and what you want to do here?

Yeah, sure.

Well, I guess I’ll start with my big why mine is, my number one value is empathy, especially for the human condition, the human struggle, especially for entrepreneurs.

I’ve been a lifelong entrepreneur, I did work in the corporate world for a number of years, but I was always in a very entrepreneurial capacity, business development, sales, that kind of stuff.

And I have lost a couple of businesses, one that was a couple of million dollars because of fraud.

And so I have this deep empathy for the struggle of the entrepreneur.

I was always hustling grinder working 1618 hour days, you know, like the perfectionist kind of thing.

And I figured out after losing a couple of businesses and getting sick, and feeling stressed out that there was a different way of doing things and easier way.

So my book is about how to ease into that, like, how do you figure out how to, you know, do the right things with that video, but not work your ass off 16 hours a day.

And so the whole concept of using Jasper and AI, I started utilizing that and my business cup two or three months ago, whenever it was that I got Jasper, and I started writing video scripts for some of my clients.

And it was just so much easier, and the results came better.

And so I’m kind of using that concept of creating demand, by helping people out by you by creating these videos with an AI script writer to help you and then pixeling them to retarget them for offers.

Definitely it sounds like it’s aimed at people that have been following the Gary Vee or Grant Cardone model of work, work, work, work work, and they’re looking for a change, they’re looking to get more done in less time, live a lifestyle where their business is running for them, instead of them running like a hamster wheel inside their business.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to just grab this and put it into the long form assistant inside Conversion.


Because that’s going to be the easiest.

So right of book called, sought out the grind.

No great grab your subtitle to It’s amazing.

You’re doing this because you know, I like it seems like it should be obvious.

I’ve never done that, taking that title and subtitle and put it into long form.

We’ll see what it does.

Try that one.

And then we’ll generate some ideas.

Do you like any of those?

I’m just taking a quick look here.

I think the third one probably is the best.

That was the one I liked the most to good choice.

Now I know you have some other stuff in here you have put it there.

Copy that.

will put that in there.

I’m going to get rid of the attention interest desire action.

Yeah, aspect because I don’t think we’ll need that.

So we’ll kind of pretend that’s our intro for the book.

kind of thing and I want to go on the next line here.

Now, I could have a compose either medium or long.

I’m going to try long.

I know medium is usually better, but let’s just kind of see what it comes up with for long.

Just a quick note the ADA framework AI da framework is also in Jasper as well for anyone who hasn’t seen that yet.

What What do you say the medium is usually better than the long.

It seems like it’s better outputs, or what I’ve seen retching too much one has to go with the longer it seems to be I know they’re working on it.

I like to use the long because I like to see where it goes with things but medium does tend to be the preferred for what I see.

So like that kind of little Little bit more of what was up above.

I feel so I’m going to just get rid of that because I don’t think it’s knowledge database, but it’s probably not really specific to my method.


So let’s go into power mode.

And this is where you can access all the different frameworks inside Conversion.


So, like the ADA and problem agitate solution, we could have accessed this way as well.

So we could try sentence expander.

And let’s try, just out of curiosity.

You don’t need British, so let’s just pretend that you know when you liked, now I could compose.

And that could continue writing.

So that’s one way to do it.

If you’re kind of stuck, and you don’t know where you want the next sentence to go, you could start writing the fence.

And then you could use sentence expander.

And it can really, you know, go to the next area with it, or you can just use the Compose button.

with it.

If you don’t like the output, there’s this new kind of redo option.

So it’ll redo.

So let’s pretend we don’t like that one, I can redo again.

So we’ll just pretend that you like that, for example, here, and like, for instance, how not to get burned out in your business.

So let’s compose that.

See here kind of continued that thought a little bit, you know, another way to do it, you know, we could take it, we could even do, you know, a story with it.

So we could paste it in there, it’s gonna come up with 10 different options for a story, and so I could paste that in there.

And this will turn that Ada framework into a story, which may be more compelling, especially in the beginning of a book to get people like that, you know, buy it, you know, let’s pretend that you like this element, you could take that in there.

And you could put that and have it continue with the creative story.

Or you could have it go and do like sense expander.

And take, take that and go, you know, kind of like the end of that sense.

And just grab the end of that sentence, or you could, you know, put in in here.

And so it doesn’t look at anything above this.

And let’s see if it continues to talk a little bit more about Brenda here.

There we go.

So that’s one way to kind of go in and out and change things around.

You know, real quick.

Yeah, I like that.



So the working title of my book is the awesome leader framework, with a subtitle of unlocking the art, science and common sense of leadership without ever being a boss whole.

Now, I’ll tell you Jasper doesn’t like boss hold.

I think it’s a little salty language.

So I’ve been doing bad boss, because I was thinking I was just gonna find and replace later in the manuscript.

What else do we have there?


I don’t know I was leadership skills is one I’ve been playing with.

But I don’t know if it’s needed.


And then tone Oh, we don’t need tone yet.

So I came up with those from one of your videos read on how to figure out your tone.



That’s a fun tool.


We’ll see if it comes up with anything here.

So this one’s kind of similar to what you had before.

So I’ll do that.

And we’ll generate ideas.

Yeah, the bottom one probably is what I would go for.

I tend to go for that bottom one.

Every time myself too.

So I don’t know why that one’s always the best, but it just seems to be.

Let’s, I’m gonna try just awesome.

Authentic work, speak.


So when you didn’t know.

So let’s just pretend you know that that was part of your outline.

Let’s go into power mode.

And let’s try the sentence expander again, because that might give us some stuff, awesome.


We’re just gonna do awesome leaders.

Let’s just pretend we like that one.

I’m actually gonna hit Ctrl Z just to see.

Nope, it won’t do it.


I was hopeful.

So I guess.

Make sure you Ctrl A and Ctrl C whenever you go in and out, because there seems to be a bug right now.

So what I’m going to do, I’m going to exit that just for now.

And we’ll compose and see if that continues on.

Do you all like everyone who’s written a book?

Do you all write in Jasper entirely?

And that long form editor and or do you move it out into other documents and move chapters out?

Or is it all done in there?

I was just reading it Sherman’s comment about copy pasting into an external Doc, that’s, that’s generally how I’ll work with it, I’ll kind of do like a section or a paragraph in here and kind of work through the ideas, but then I just get it out into another transcript.

So taking the transcript, but it’s quite long, obviously, in lots of homes.

And so I need to really condense it down.

And I was thinking initially that I might use something like, you know, that website TLDR.

Too long didn’t read, but it doesn’t like transcripts.

So this is an app called WordTune.

And they have a thing where we’ll condense either PDFs or links.

And so I just put in a link here, I’m gonna hit start, what’s going to do is it’s going to read that document.

And you could do this with a transcript even.

And it’s gonna pull out what it thinks is interesting and kind of write it in its own way.

So you could like, Copy that, or you could export it.

And you could do that in sections.

And that that’s one way to, you know, quickly summarize a very lengthy document, another thing that you could do, so I’m going to paste this in text summarizer.

This lets you do up to 600 characters, so it’ll probably give us a short sentence.

That’s usually what it does.

But that is one way to summarize bits and pieces of something.

Another thing, another thing you could do is that say that there’s elements of your transcript that you want to improve and make a little bit more interesting.

I went, I liked it.

And then I would use, like, explain it to a fifth grader, or fix grammar or rephrase.

And sometimes I will use them in conjunction.

So like, I just change that one.

And then I could highlight again.

And let’s say that I want to rephrase that.

And so there’s going to change the phrasing of it.

You know, let’s say you’re talking like I just said a second ago.

It will, it could fix that with the fixed grammar.

I think you just solved my biggest problem right there.


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Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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