In this training, you’ll discover how you can use VoiceIn and combine it with so you’ll never have to type again!


  1. Get VoiceIn
  2. Start a long-form document in
  3. Use VoiceIn and to write your content

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In this training, I’m going to share with you how you can write without ever typing anything at all on your computer. So we’re going to use a couple tools here. First off, we’re going to have our Jasper AI up so we can actually have it write an article. But I’m going to use a Chrome extension called voice notes, or voice in a voice typing, I guess is what it’s called. And I’m going to go into my long form assistant. I am going to tell it what I want, right? So I’m going to turn it on. write a blog post about artificial intelligence.

Go to keywords. Ai, comma artificial intelligence, comma robots continue to generate ideas. We’re going to have it come up with an intro paragraph. go with that one open either period. New paragraph what is the future of artificial intelligence? Question mark. New Line I believe that we will see I believe that we will see. So there you have it, you can have this tool right for you and work with the artificial intelligence program of ai. So you can create content on the fly without ever having to type at all on your computer. So it’s definitely worth checking out.

It’s called voice in plus, so dicta slash voice in and I’ve got a plus subscription for it. So it’s definitely worth checking out. You just add it to Chrome. And currently, they charge a yearly fee for it. I just found out about it today, and it’s really slick. So I think you guys are going to enjoy this tool to help you write even faster with conversion. Ai

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Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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