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Unedited Transcript

A popular book series are the idiots guide books. And these are similar to the for dummies books, they just don’t have as many titles, they have 126 as I make this video, when we click on one of these, we’ll go to Options trading, because that’s a pretty advanced topic. And so it’ll load up on their website. And my thing is I do have things categorized like this is in business, personal finance. Let’s go on Amazon for this particular book. So we can actually look inside.

One of the things I like about idiot’s guides, they have very detailed table of contents. So why don’t we look inside this book now that this is loading up? We’re gonna look at their table of contents, because they tend to put a lot in their table of contents. So we’ll look at the table of contents here. You know, here, I mean, all about options.

And I mean, you’ve got several of them right here. Just in the first 14 pages, then how options work. You have several pages, and we can scroll down here, exchanges, brokers and other institutions and then the Greeks. And that’s just part one. Okay, and then Part Two goes into actual trading strategies. And part three advanced strategies.

Okay, each one of these could be books on their own, or major blog posts on their own, the business of trading, I mean, if there’s so much just going on inside this, this, just this one book, and each one of these sections of a chapter could be its own post for you to write with Jasper.

So I hope you find this information useful. I hope it helps guide you, you know the content that you’re creating, with Jasper AI

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Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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