In this training, you’ll learn how to write better headlines by using the Capitalize My Title Headline Analyzer and


  1. Create your title with
  2. Analyze the headlines with Capitalize My Title Headline Analyzer
  3. Select the top-scoring headline
  4. Profit

Unedited Transcript

We’re going to use Capitalize My Title for their headline analyzer, I want to put in a headline here that I grabbed from Jasper AI. Now I couldn’t capitalize it if I want, and it can help me capitalize things, or I can analyze the tool, as well as to capitalize it, you can even have it capitalize for different styles. So that could be useful for different things that you’re marketing online.

Because sometimes it’s nice to have things capitalized or have some of the lower like, in the as lowercase that can be very useful. So let me go back here, I want to show how this works. So we’re gonna capitalize or we’re going to use this headline, we’re going to analyze it gave it a 73, readability was 87. SEO is 58 and sentiment is seven, eight.

So you know, I’ve been trying a few of these different ones. And it you know, they all kind of vary because they have their own little unique algorithm. So you just have to find the one you like the most. But this is capitalized my title and how, how it works and gives you a bunch of information here to help you figure out what is good for you.

Now, they also have an email subject line tool, why don’t we check that out real quick. While we’re here and I’ll analyze gave it a 35 this probably isn’t the best one to get people to open and click through on your email. You probably want something higher score than that, like in the 90s or whatever.

But that is another thing that you could use it to help you get more opens and clicks on your email. So check out capitalize my title, I’m gonna link to it underneath this video.

And you can use this tool to analyze your headlines capitalize your headlines and even test out your email subject lines to see what may get you more opens more clicks in your email messages.

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