In this training you’ll learn how to comment on YouTube videos you haven’t watched with


  1. Find a YouTube video you want to comment on.
  2. Copy the title.
  3. Paste into “Photo Post Captions” tool
  4. Copy the comment you like the post and paste on the YouTube video

Unedited Transcript

Alright, so here’s a way to get some attention on YouTube, you could comment on people’s posts, you don’t even really have to watch the video. So let me share with you what to do, we’re going to copy the video title. And you’d probably want to do videos that were just done recently. And ones like, for instance, today or this week, and ones that are popular in your niche market, just bear that in mind. I just clicked on a random one.

So I’m gonna copy that. I’m gonna paste that in here. And I’m gonna give it a bunch of examples or a bunch of outputs and see if there’s one I like. And so like, these ones, these are things that you could put in the comment section. Like, back could be kind of fine. And so you would copy that. And you can do that and you’d hit comment. And that’s the way that you can comment on posts, you’re not linking to your site or anything.

But it’s a good way to get the attention of people in your industry, and maybe even connect with them, or further down the line. And you don’t have to watch their videos because you could take elements of either their description, or elements of their video title, and have Jasper AI use the photo post captions to write catchy captions. You can even have, you know, a certain tone of voice that you wanted in there to make your things funny or serious or, you know, controversial or, you know, expert or just different things that you can put in there, too. Make your things stand out.

And this is a way that you can comment on these posts, build that relationship. Other people are going to see your comments, some of them are going to like them, some people are going to follow you. Some people are going to check out your videos just because you’re commenting on other YouTube channels. This is a little unknown growth hack that you can use with and YouTube.

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Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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