In this training, you’ll learn how to write a video title, description, outline, hook & script using

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  1. Open Boss Mode
  2. Boss mode commands used

    Write a topic for a video on X

    Write a title for the above

    Write a video script outline for the above

    Write a video script hook and intro for the above

    Write a video description for the above

  3. Record and post your video

Unedited Transcript

Hey, guys, it’s Reed Floren here, and in today’s video, we’re gonna cover how you can write a video topic, video description and video title, using the Jasper AI boss mode. So let’s go. And you’ll see my screen here, and I am inside of Jasper AI, I’m going to start from scratch. And I have come up with a few codes that I think will help guide our process here. So we’re gonna write a topic for a video. And so I’m gonna paste that in here.

Once again, let me share with you the pro tips. So you we get comfortable with this. So if I want to write a sense, I use Command J, if I want to run a command, I do command Enter. Now if you’re using a Windows computer, it’s going to be controlled set command. Now, if I want to run the command and keep that command in place, it’s Command Shift Enter. If I want to rerun things, it’s command, slash, or if I want to undo something, it’s Command C.

There’s also the short codes, what the Asterix, or the pound signs are hashtags. And that can be our headers. If we need sub. What I’m going to do is a video on four topic on I don’t know, why don’t we go with weight loss? Okay, maybe we’ll do weight loss. And what I’m going to do is I am going to hit command Enter.

And Jasper should right. Okay, so that is kind of giving us some general ideas of what it could be about that could even be a video outline. Now, what I’m gonna do, is I think I’ll pick one of those. And maybe we’ll go with the best way to lose weight is by eating a balanced diet. Okay, and write the title or the above.

way to lose weight, let’s talk command slash and see if he’ll reef run it.

Wait. So let’s go with the best way to lose weight. That’s our title, just so we know what that is. Okay, I want to get rid of the rest here.

Now, let’s go back to our commands. Okay. And we’re going to write a video script, outline, command, return or intro. Okay, now once I wanted to do some more, should be Command J, and schuchart with a few more how it got a little bit longer. Okay, now let’s change our title to the 10 best ways to lose weight. All right. Now we’ll go back. And we’ll do write a video script hook an intro.

That’s not what I want to do that again. Okay, now, let’s go a little bit further. Okay, now we’re really just writing out our script. I’m just hitting Command J, and it’s just going to keep writing if I needed to guide it a little bit or guide it. You know, if I want to switch gears on a topic, I could move one of these down and have a compose more about that.

But basically, I’m just kind of giving you an idea of how this works. No, I haven’t really struggled with you know, weight problems. So I don’t know how accurate everything is here. You would need to fact check. But, you know, this gives you an idea of creating a script, hook an intro, an outline for everything okay? So that kind of gets things going, and then let’s work description for YouTube. Okay.

So this could be part of the description part of your video. Okay, and that will help you rank for those keywords. So there you have it within a matter of minutes, we went from not having a clue what we’re going to make our video about to having the basic outline of what we want to cover in our video, maybe some different slides if we want a description, and a title is going to help people or help get people interested.

So they click through and actually watch your video and we did all that with Jasper, I didn’t even type anything. I just gave it a few simple commands and it did all the work for me. So feel free to use this template and have it help you write out your video script, outline, description, and title and everything else that you need to be a successful video marketer.

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