In this training, you’ll learn how to guide your content output by toggling keywords, title and description inside we will also use SurferSEO to help guide our keyword research.

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  1. Research your topic with SurferSEO
  2. Toggle on and off and make updates to the title, description and keywords to better guide your content creation
  3. Continue writing your content inside

Unedited Transcript

In this training, I’m going to share with you how you can turn on and off with Jasper can see inside your documents, we’re going to create a new document. And we’re going to write about affiliate marketing. So I’m going to tell Jasper to please with a title for a blog posts about affiliate marketing. Okay,

that sounds good. So I’m just gonna go with how to make money with affiliate marketing. Okay, that’ll be my title, most gonna change. Just make sure that saved in there, right. Okay, so now, I have a content brief. So I can be like, leaving is alright, a content brief about my title. So now it should see the title and write a content brief.

Seems pretty good. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to go into surfer mode. And so this is an optional upgrade. And I’m gonna load up one of my content briefs about affiliate marketing. And so links would be some of the keywords that we’d want. So affiliate marketing would be one affiliate links would be another one.

Let’s see if there’s any others that are seen a lot of affiliate is a lot maybe affiliate marketer, do affiliate programs, affiliate marketer and affiliate links just because it’ll be different than what we’ve got. Marketers affiliate links, affiliate programs, okay. Now, write a blog post outline. That follow me write a blog post outline for my content brief. See if that goes. quite what I want. Okay, so write outline for this one.

But write a bullet to thanks for your view of an article. Now, what I want to do is I am going to hide the title and I’ll hide the scripture what is the title of this article? So you can see it.

So there it doesn’t seem to know what the title is. Now I’m gonna do is I’m gonna turn that back on. We’re still getting the bullets. Do Asterix and it shouldn’t read anything about that? The title of this article still seemed interesting. should not be doing that because that should be the one. No, that would be the right one.

Want to make sure I didn’t goof up. Hey, lads. Affiliate Marketing, affiliate marketing Now let’s focus on my keywords. That’s talking about affiliate programs. So now what I would do is let’s

say that there are other keywords I want to focus on. So maybe I want to focus on how I go something completely different. We’ll go with products or services, asset income and United States just to show a big difference. knighted states out the other ones, products or services, products or services, okay. Now it should use some of those keywords. So I’m going to have a compose.

So let’s talk about passive income. So there’s one way to kind of guide Jasper about that what passive income can let’s see if we can get it to do some more here to say United States, just as a keyword, see what it does.

Further did that not work. So that’s starting to cause a shift in that direction. And using that turn these other ones off. Let’s just talk about affiliate networks here.

I did a little more refresh, sharpest hangs. Okay, so right conclusion about any blog post.

You get the general idea. Basically, throughout your article, you can make updates to the description or the brief, you can make updates to your title, you can make updates to your keywords. So what I would do is I would pay attention to SEO surfer, error surfer SEO, and I would pay attention to the keywords you’re supposed to be including. And I would figure out what was in my outline for for what I’m talking about.

Like let’s say that you want to expand on this particular part of the article. You could copy and paste that into your description and then have it write some more about it that could be useful for you. You could Put those keywords that you want to focus on. So maybe with this, you talk about Google AdSense more in Google ads, more and maybe traffic would be some of the keywords that you’d be targeting.

That way you can kind of guide Jasper a little bit, little by little for each paragraph, each section of the article and you’re barely doing any writing. And you’re living Jasper to everything that should give you better output. So this is a brand new feature. It just got released today. We’re still working on on it and are we getting an integrated with everything but right now, this looks really promising and you just have to play around with it some and experiment.

This is my first time using it during this demo was kind of showing you how it works and showing how I stumbled with it and how I overcame stuff with it. But basically you just use this to guide your content creation paragraph by current paragraph and you’re going to have better output with the new toggle mode for on and off for Jasper.

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