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One of the things that can be really engaging with your audience is having polls surveys that you can ask them about different things. And now has a tool where you can create engaging multiple choice. Question answers. So let’s do a topic. Free tire, best retirement account options.

Okay. And with 10 outputs, and we’ll go with maybe 45 year old corporate employees to come up with. So, which retirement account would you prefer? 401k Roth traditional? What is the best retirement account for a 45 year old? No. That’s retirement account option. I think it’s fair to put your money in a retirement account or pay off debt. How much are you saving for retirement? What are your thoughts on retirement accounts? What’s the best retirement account option for you? What types of retirement accounts are you most interested in? What’s the best retirement account option? What is your best retirement account option? And so there are all sorts of different options here.

You could use those, make them a post on social media and get some engagement. And these could be things that are directly related to your niche market. Or it could be you know, something silly, like what should I have for dinner? I’ve asked this as just a question before. Let’s see what it comes up with food options for dinner. This may be a great way to solve the settle the debate of what to have dinner in your house. So we’re in the mood for pizza, hamburgers, soup. I mean, those are three options. We need all those facts. I had soup for lunch.

Well, can we have for dinner tonight? Spaghetti and meat sauce? turkey sandwich with mail or salad? Spaghetti. Others aren’t so interesting. To have for dinner salads, pizza soup. Pizza would win on that one. Pasta tacos or Chinese? I’d go for any of those tacos to share Pizza Pizza would win on that one. What’s your favorite dinner? Pasta? Pizza chicken? Maybe chicken that time? What should I have for dinner tacos? Pizza soup? Jasper likes soup apparently. Which I have for dinner pasta, pizza tacos, favorite dinner? chicken, rice and beans. Oh, yeah, that’s exciting. Spaghetti, tuna chicken pasta. And then we’re going back to the retirement questions. So it’s just a fun way to create some engagement with your audience and get people to answer questions. You could, you know, feed it. These put put these different questions in for your poll.

And people could fill it out. You could also use these. Like, let’s say that you’re doing like a survey with your audience. And you’re trying to get to segment people on an email list to see where what buckets that they fill in if you’re following like the the Ask method by Ryan mvac is very good about this. He does stuff where he surveys his audiences list and gets them on different funnels different follow up sequences, depending on what they answer with those questions. And he teaches that in his training, and in his book, the book is The asked method, I’ve got it on my bookshelf, behind me. And so that is something that you could do to really engage your audience and get people in the right lists the right buckets, if you will, inside your customer relationship tool.

So you can follow up with them giving them content that’s going to push them over the edge and get them to purchase whatever products or services you’re offering, because you’re giving them content that solves their problems, their needs, you’re speaking directly to that person, so they can be more successful with whatever you are teaching them how to do. So I hope you find this useful. I hope you like the polls, questions and multiple choice answers that has put together.

This is a tool that I could see using on a near daily basis because it’s a great way to engage with your audience with your Facebook group with your email list of just all sorts of different things you could do with this even with your family and friends to have fun with these surveys and polls.

So check it out, go to I’ve got a link underneath this video and you can check out this tool and start using it for yourself.


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