In this post, you’ll discover how you could make money with Surfer SEO‘s Writer Directory &


  1. Create a Surfer SEO account
  2. Create a listing in their Writer Directory
  3. Provide services using & SurferSEO
  4. Profit

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In this training, we’re going to cover how you could use surfer SEOs, directory of SEO writers to help you earn an income by using Jasper AI and the surfer integration. So server has this directory and they have over 100 different copywriters in here that people can hire.

And so this is a great way to connect with people either to give them work to do, maybe you don’t want to write content, you could just hand stuff off, or you could actually get listed in their directory, and earn money, people could pay you for your services for you writing stuff with Or you just optimizing content with server. So we have a lot of different options here.

Like we can look for people that are agencies or freelancers, we’ve got all sorts of different languages, you know, cover covers quite a few of those, we’ve got a different availability.

So you know, if it’s someone that wants to write a lot, you know, you could do the, you know, 20,000 plus words a week, which is really easy to do with And your services, you know, these are all different services that you could offer with

And using a surfer SEO to make the content, you know, SEO friendly. And then there’s different levels, like you can do an experienced surfer user, maybe you’re someone who’s been using surfer for quite a while, I don’t know how they define experienced, you know, might be a couple of months might be your I don’t know what it is. But there’s ways to, to get in here. And to to start, you know, earning some money.

So let’s just click on someone, I’m just gonna click on this one, and see how this works here. And so they have little write up about what they do how much they charge quite a bit, actually.

And then they’ve got examples. And then I can copy their email, and I could send them a message. So this could be a really good way to connect with people. You know, as a networking thing, and also a way to get listed, earn some money, and to also just outsource content and outsource the optimization of content if you don’t want to do any of that yourself.

So I hope you found it interesting. Leave me a comment down below and let me know your thoughts and I look forward to sharing more training like this to help you grow your business. So keep following my videos and my posts that I’m putting up teaching you how to use tools like this to be more successful online.

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