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So I know tone of voice is something that people are really looking for with ai. And I found this tone of voice generator that helps you pick out what your brand’s tone of voice is. So this is kind of a cool thing because you could use this to guide your your content in So I’m going to click Get Started.

And this is going to help you figure out what your contents or what your personality is. So do you like to have fun player joke around? Are you trying to relate to your audience in a light hearted way? Or is your subject matter in depth technical and dense? Is your approach neutral and logical? So I’m going to go with this one the funny one because it sounds more fun. There’s a choice of language lean towards the mature and traditional does your audience have an advanced reading level at sea? No.

Trying to befriend your readers, you want your message to be easy to understand? Yes, casual? Are you striving for appropriate gravity? Are you looking to demonstrate admiration for your subject matter? So that’d be respectful or you want to take a flippant approach to your topic? Or you being tongue in cheek? That you’re relevant, may be fun. Do you want to share your passion? Are you trying to generate excitement? so enthusiastic? Or is your goal to present comprehensive information is from Cheryl, objective and rather than the subject of let’s go with enthusiasts aspect, so flip it so lovable Grump, who uses sarcasm to prove their point, which is probably my actual personality? sarcastic some bitch.

So why don’t we go with tone of voice here, and let’s see if it comes up with or flip it. And let’s see if it comes up with a fun headline. So I’m in Jasper AI here, at and a sandwich on a bun not a big deal, right? Get your hands on our tasty wieners. Today, the best hot dogs money can buy. And we think better than our hot dogs is the way we make them. Yeah, I could see where you could have some fun with this, you know, it’s gonna help you come up with some really good stuff.

And you could use this, especially if you were in the long form assistant, you could enter in this tone of voice of flipping, and it’s probably going to come up with some really fun content. And, you know, it could be really interesting to use. So you may like this tool, the the tone of voice generates writer important, I’ll link to it underneath this video so you can get access to it. It’s free tool. And it’s going to help you put a little spice in your writing and help it fit with your personality or the personality of your clients.

Maybe you’re writing something for a certain market maybe for either you’re aiming it at a certain kind of customer, or maybe you want to take some of your writing and put it on like something like LinkedIn, flippin for a personality, all he isn’t going to do so well, on LinkedIn, it’s going to work fine on Facebook and have sarcasm show but you know, using that on something like LinkedIn may not do so well, because more suit and tie, but not personality kind of thing. So you may be going with a different personality when you’re creating that content.

Or if you’re creating content in a different market. Maybe you have customers that you bring content for and their customers expect you to be a certain way. You could use that tone of voice in the content that that Jasper is creating for you. And that’s going to help you guide this content and how that overall brand tone of voice to make the content really relate to your audience. So check it out. It’s free tool down below. You’ll get linked to that and it’s going to help you create better content with Jasper AI

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