In this training, you’ll learn how you can rewrite Private Label Rights (PLR) content with


  1. Purchase some PLR content for your niche. Search Google for “niche plr” replace “niche” with your niche market i.e. “wedding plr”
  2. Use to make the content your own.

Unedited Transcript

One of the best ways to get content that you can improve with Jasper is to look at content with private label rights or PLR. Now, private label rights is content that someone else researched and wrote, it kind of depends on on how much they know about a topic, oftentimes, there’s people that kind of hire the cheapest writer, they can find, to put together their PLR PLR content and sell it. So bear that in mind, that you may need to do a little fact checking, it may have some kind of wonky grammar.

Oftentimes, when you buy private label rights products, you need to do a little bit of work to improve them. But Jasper can be to the rescue. So we’re gonna just look at an example private label rights pride. This is a high quality one, I’ve got a membership to this site. And they put out like two different products a month, usually one on internet marketing. And recently, they’ve been doing one on other topics. So like, for instance, this month, they have a one on YouTube studio, and another one on if your vitamin D deficient, how you deal with that. So we’re going to look at the YouTube Studio One, and see what I would do to improve this content. So with this, you get a couple different options in this particular one.

And this, this varies depending on where you get private label rights content, sometimes you’re just getting articles, sometimes you’re getting ebooks, sometimes you’re getting videos, sometimes you’re getting a combination of everything. Sometimes you also get like a sales letter. And this particular one, these are used as lead magnets. So you’ve got a lead magnet. So you could take this. And that could be like for instance, this one. That could be the start of an article. And you could have Jasper write an article based off of that, that could be your headline to kind of get stuff rolling, or your description or your your intro paragraph for Jasper to write some more. So you could leverage these bullet points to create content just from scratch. Now this one also gave emails. So I think it’s a seven day email series. So I’m going to copy that.

And I’m going to just paste it into Jasper to show you what I would do to quickly make this better. So let’s, we’ll go, I’m not going to do every single line here, but I’m going to highlight some, and we’re gonna explain it to a fifth grader. So that’s pretty similar to what the original is, but there isn’t much for it to go off of, but it it changed a little bit. Now we can do the next line, and we’ll explain it to a fifth grader. Okay, now, this is going to give you unique emails, which is going to help you have better email deliverability.

And it’s also going to give you a unique content. So when people are looking at this, let’s say more than one person sends out these emails, your your email is going to be unique compared to their email. And that’s going to help you get better deliverability people are going to trust your content more. And we’re making this content easier to digest with, you know, very little work. So that’s kind of, you know, giving you a brief overview of how you would do this with private label rights content. Now you could do the same thing.

This is a came with an E book. So you could take this book. And it’s currently 33 pages. And you could go paragraph by paragraph or sentence by sentence and do the exact same thing. And then you would have a new book that you could start selling on like Amazon Kindle, you’d want to come up with a new title and a new cover. But this would be a way that you could take private label rights content, and make your own version of the of a book with little to no research. And you should be able to make a book basically in an afternoon, maybe a couple hours with this method. And you probably want to read through it and make sure it makes sense and maybe fact check a few things.

But you could be cranking up new books like every single day doing this, and then, you know, maybe buying some traffic with Amazon pay per click or, you know, trying to rank it on Amazon or you know, running some other traffic to it to promote your book. But you could have different books on different topics. Maybe they’re all kind of closely related. And that way you could dominate a market.

You could also use it for lead generation. For instance, let’s say that your version of this book, you also record like an audiobook version, or you make a video version of your book. You could either have that as something people could purchase, or you could use that as a way to get people to join your email list after they buy the book. Another thing you could do is put these books as Kindle unlimited or a free book and use it as a lead magnet through Amazon. So there’s a lot of potential with this and this is a fast way for you to churn out content on just about any topic by using the power of private label rights and

So I hope you found this information useful. Leave me a comment below, and let me know your thoughts about this particular method and I look forward to helping you grow your business online.

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