Have you ever wanted to know how to download youtube subtitles?

In this training, you’ll discover how you can find popular videos in your niche market and then use Jasper.ai to rewrite the transcript/subtitles so you have unique content.


We will walk through the steps of downloading YouTube subtitles and improving them with Jasper.ai.

  1. Install the free Youtube Subtitle Download Helper extension
  2. Find a YouTube video you want subtitles for.
  3. Click on the Youtube Subtitle Download Helper extension and hit download.
  4. Copy and paste the subtitles into Jasper.ai long-form editor.
  5. Go sentence by sentence and either click “Rephrase” or “Make more creative” to create your own unique content based on someone else’s video.

I hope that I was able to teach you something new today by walking through how to download YouTube subtitles & improve them with Jasper.ai 

Follow along with this video:

Unedited Transcript

Hey, guys Reed Floren here. And I’m going to share with you how you can download the YouTube subtitles from just about any video on YouTube. Now, you need Chrome extension, which is free called YouTube subtitle, download helper, and then you’re going to want to navigate to YouTube and find a YouTube video that you want subtitles for. So this is a video that I can download the subtitles for. So I’m going to click on the extension.

And it gives me options of CSV, txt, VTT SRT and I guess, LRC or IRC, I’m not sure what those are, I know what a CSV is. So I’m going to download that. And it’s just a spreadsheet file. And so I have that. And now I’ve got his whole thing. And I can copy that. I can drop it into Jasper AI, so I’m just gonna put that in there. hit continue and generate ideas. I’ll use that one.

How it come up with a paragraph based off of his subtitles. And no, I’ll go with that. I don’t know if that’s accurate. Because I haven’t used I haven’t watched this video, I want to paste this in here. And then what you might want to do that seems like a paragraph, so I’m going to rephrase that. Let’s try that again. I could do this. I can rephrase that one. Friends. Now I can also make more creative. So I won’t do that and make it more creative. Boom, you would need to double check this information. But it’s a good way to get stuff going. I mean, this is a no, this is content. It’s almost 2000 words, just from taking the subtitles from someone’s video. Now I could take the actual content here.

Let’s let’s just grab part of this. Let’s let’s see what it does when I start at the top here. Okay, not to have it just compose to it right. Now, I don’t know if any of that’s true, because I haven’t watched this video. I don’t know anything about this particular product. But notice it’s it’s writing things for me. You know, I can take elements from the subtitles to really guide Jasper to create unique content or have it rewrite the content and improve the content to make it even better or use as a video script of my own.

Or I could take someone else’s captions. I could have Jasper.ai rephrase things, and then I could read them off a teleprompter and make my own similar video to try to rank on YouTube and Google and get free traffic from making a competing video. So I hope you found this useful. And I hope it’s a way for you to really use your mind and have Jasper jump forward for creating your content for you.

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Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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