In this post, you’ll discover how you could make money using Fiverr &


  1. Create a Fiverr seller account
  2. Create a listing in a category
  3. Provide services using
  4. Profit

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In this training, we’re gonna cover what you could do to earn some money on the side, using Jasper using, and fiber. So fiber is a really popular resource, and you can hire people to complete tasks for you, or you could sell your services on Fiverr. Now, there’s lots of different categories inside Fiverr. And you could definitely specialize in an area. And you can also use Jasper to help you. S

o I have a few friends that actually make a lot of money with Fiverr. And I know the names kind of confusing, because Fiverr has been around, I don’t know, a decade or so. And things were $5 at a time, now I see stuff on Fiverr, that can be up to 1000s upon 1000s of dollars, I think the highest thing you can charge is 10 grand on Fiverr. Right now, so and I know people that charge quite a bit for services on Fiverr.

So it’s, it’s a lot more interesting now than it was like a decade ago, when almost everything was just five bucks. And there’s like no way, I would want to do anything for $5. Because I think they take like an hour of that.

So they take a certain percentage of of the transaction fee, I want to say it’s like 20% that fiber takes so keep that in mind with when you price your cakes. But there’s lots of different categories here, like you have graphic and design. I don’t know how much of that would really help with what you do with There may be something in here, that could be useful, but I don’t really see anything that’s really jumping out at me where that you know, it’s like, oh, man, I would really make that really easy.

Now digital marketing, there could be some stuff in here, like there’s some SEO stuff. So you could if you had the the surfer integration, you might be able to do some of that there’s a book in ebook marketing, there may be some some use there that you could do. There’s content marketing, that could be something you could do. There’s public relations, there’s a press release tool now inside of Now writing and translation, this has a ton of stuff that you could do. I mean, I’m not going to cover all this.

But you know, ad copy and improving LinkedIn profiles, and articles and blog posts, obviously books. Let’s see, creative writing could be something you do very easily social media, copy sales, copy, email, copy website content, product descriptions, I mean, that’s a tool inside there press releases is a tool inside there. You know, there’s a lot of different things that you could definitely do on there to help pay for your Jasper membership, video and animation, not really seeing anything that really jumps out at me for that. I mean, I suppose you could write some scripts for videos.

And I know there’s some tools inside of Jasper for like making better descriptions and titles and stuff like that and intros and things. So that may be something in here, I would think those would probably be in the writing category somewhere, which would probably be under script writing would be my guess. Music and audio. Song. Writing could be a potential thing. I know. I’ve seen some people do some, some songs, probably nothing under programming, probably nothing under data. Business, there may be some use, especially if you’re the head this surfer integration for market research. There may be something you could do their lifestyle. Probably not.

But I think your sweet spot would be writing in translation and digital marketing. There’s a lot of categories there, you could definitely become the go to expert for a certain subsection of Jasper that you become good at and you’ll make a lot of money with Fiverr.

So I hope you find this information useful and I hope it grows your business. If you like this, let me know in the comments below because I look forward to sharing more tips like this to help you succeed online.

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