In this training, you’ll learn how to use Jasper.airecipes for faster content creation.

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  1. Find recipe you like
  2. Follow the instructions for the recipes
  3. Publish your content
  4. Also… create your own recipes and share with the community.

Here are a few recipes to help you get started

Unedited Transcript

In this training, we’re gonna learn about recipes. Now, Jasper has a new way where you can get actual recipes created by other Jasper users. So think of this like a Clickfunnels ShareFile, where people are creating different recipes that you can use in Jasper to speed up your content creation.

Now, there are a few already pre made recipes. Like for instance, they’ve put up one on doing a blog post, coming up with ideas, doing Facebook ads, writing cold emails, doing press releases, even doing a nonfiction book, introduction, an outline.

And I’ve also created a whole bunch of other ones that we’ll be sharing with you underneath this video, you’ll get access to ones that will help you create video scripts and sales letters and blog posts as well. So I want to show just how this works.

So I want to click on one of these here, we’ll do the blog post one. Alright, so we have this blog post. Now, what I can do is I can save this to my account and use it over and over again, I can click Run, and it’s going to open up Jasper, and it’s going to let me just use this as is and I can start creating my own blog posts. It also has a video instruction. So I could click on this instruction here.

And it loads up a YouTube video. And so this is a five minute YouTube video, I could watch exactly how to use this recipe.

So what I’m gonna do is I’m just going to click right so you can see this real quick. And I am going to log into my account, or it’s brand new computer.

So I haven’t signed into Jasper yet on this account, so hopefully it has my stuff. Okay, so what I’ll do is I can change my topic here, if I want. So write a brief topic for face book. Okay. And then Jasper can turn that into an article. Now we’re going to write some blog title ideas. And we can write an introduction.

Now I can come up with an outline. Okay. Now I’m going to just try it real quick to see if it can figure it out. From what’s above or if I’ll have to put in the what is Facebook. So let me just try that real quick.

We’re gonna control the that. can’t figure that be the case. But I was curious if they made that change. So right about what is Facebook did there. Now when it’s done doing that, grab the next one pros and cons. Scrolling, I’m going to copy that.

I’m going to tell Jasper not to look up above because sometimes I can help. Let’s try that again.

You get the idea. It’s, you know, writing a real quick article for me following this proven recipe. Now there’s all sorts of different recipes in here, you can even create your own recipes.

So these could be commonly used ones that you’re using, or create things for your team members to use or create things for other members of the jars community use.

So I’m going to be creating a bunch of different recipes and sharing them with you. So you can use them and use them with Jasper.

So you are going to be able to whip up content that you need, whether it be sales letters or emails, or marketing copy or blog posts or other pieces of content.

You’re going to learn exactly how to use it using the same formulas I use to whip out my content. So I hope that helps. I hope you find these recipes useful.

I look forward to trying out your recipes. Leave me a comment below on what recipes you would like to see and the team and I will be working on creating recipes to help you grow your business using Jasper

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