In this training, you’ll learn about the Jasper certification program

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Unedited Transcript

Are you a Jasper user that would like to have your very own certificate showing that you know exactly how to use the Jasper program?

Well, now you can you can get Jasper certified, they give you a certificate that looks like this.

Plus, they give you a cool badge that also looks like this.

And you can use this online to showcase your expertise with using Jasper.

Now, how do you get Jasper certified?

Well, let’s check out the web page for it.

So they have a few requirements that you have to complete the Jasper Bootcamp, which I’ve just opened up.

And that’s what this is, it’s a bunch of training on how to use Jasper, then you need to generate content inside your account, you need to do at least once inside each of the or 50 different templates that they have inside of Jasper, you need to create one new recipe of your very own the bare minimum, and you need to have generate at least 20,000 words inside of Jasper.

So once you’ve done all those things, then you can do their exam.

And so they have an exam.

I’m going to open that up so you can see.

And they have this exam.

It should take about 20 minutes.

And so we’ll just click to get started to ask you a bunch of different questions on that slide 40 some different questions on how to use Jasper and you have to pass that exam and also complete these other steps.

And then they will review for review that you are new actually know what you’re doing and you’ve passed the test new you know how to use Jasper and wants to do that you’re going to get that badge in the certificate that you can showcase online or you can print out and put in a nice picture frame if you want.

And so that is how you become Jasper certified.

So click the link underneath this video.

And you can learn more about the Jasper certification process.

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