I have found a free tool that lets you summarize PDFs and web pages.


  1. Find an article or PDF you want to summarize
  2. Put into the Free WordTune Read summarizer
  3. Export/Copy the outputs and paste into Jasper.ai
  4. Improve & Expand on the content to make it your own

Follow along with my video below to help you make a summary in seconds.

Unedited Transcript

In this training, I’m going to share with you how you can summarize either an article or a PDF really quickly, and then you can expand on it and improve it in Jasper.ai. So here’s an email I got. And this reminds me of us have something that I have thought about doing a couple years ago. And it was basically summarizing little marketing ideas or blogs that I’ve viewed, and making like a one or two minute video to kind of share what was the gist of it. And this guy does kind of the same concept of what I was originally thinking about doing.

But he does it where it’s just kind of written out for though the real brief overview of what the project is about what is mentioned in the article slipping click through to the article, and it says, post, my buffer, which is a social media sharing tool. And so it’s how they got 300%, more people read their content, and it’s basically about storytelling. So I’m gonna copy that.

And I’m gonna run this through a tool called WordTune. Read now WordTune is a tool that you can download. And it’s really useful if you’re using like Google Docs, because it can like simplify and expand and kind of rewrite some of your contents, you just kind of highlight something and you have it.

Basically, change how it’s written, it’s very similar to some of the stuff on Jasper.ai, where you can, you know, explain it to a child, or you can fix the grammar, or you can have it rephrase, it’s kind of similar idea. But they have this new thing called WordTune Read.

And this will figure out what are the most important elements of an article or a PDF, and it will summarize it for you. So I’m going to put in the URL and I’m going to have it hit start. And it’s going to make a brief summary for me that I can use. Now, some of the nice things about this is it has this little piece of content. And so I could copy that.

And that’s like good enough for a tweet or a social media post on Facebook or Instagram or something, I could use that in to help promote this content. So let’s say that I had my own blog post that I wanted to summarize and come up with some pieces of content to help promote that, that that article, this is a way that I could do that, because it’s going to create a bunch of summary.

So it created 11 summaries. So I could copy all these or I could export, let’s export just to show you how that works. And so this is going to export. And this is going to be a Word file. And so you can see I played it with it with another one here. But here’s a Word file that summarizes that article. So I could copy that information. And I could run it through Jasper.ai. And I could rewrite it or I could expand on it.

On top of it, I could probably just use as is because it kind of rephrases it a bit. I think when I ran it yesterday through copywriting or through a plagiarism checker, it, it was totally fine. I didn’t have any issues with any plagiarism. So I’ll go into focus mode. So you know, I could easily highlight this and I could rephrase. Okay, so I could even change it even more, or I could explain it to a child.

So I have a fifth grader. And so that that helps him completely reword stuff. If I was worried about this would be a great way to summarize content, and then change it and then if I was in, let me go into long form assistant here.

And you know, I’m just going to paste our article. We’ll just go with 300% improvement and generate ideas may come up with something see. So I’m just gonna grab that one. Okay, and so pasting that in there, you know what I can do if I could just have the long form system even go into more detail. So there it is. It’s it’s writing some stuff actually. It’s grabbing some stuff in the beginning.

Let me try changing some stuff up here. See if that was a different No. That’s because I have that information. In my What I’ll do is I’m going to go further down. This would be one way to expand on it, let me go further down because I know it doesn’t have this other information. So when I expand on this, it doesn’t know about this yet. Let’s see what it comes up with.

So there it is, it’s expanding on our content right there. So that’s, that’s one way to really use this WordTune reason it’s a free thing that you can use and combine it with Jasper.ai to write unique content now

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