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Unlike offline businesses, which often have walk in customers, online businesses have to work harder to get leads, convert them into orders and paying customers as their orders are mainly from online sources like emails and websites.

So most online businesses are spending a lot of their resources on getting leads, using different methods like online advertising, social media marketing, email marketing.

For many businesses, one of the most effective way of getting leads with a high conversion rate, is building their own mailing list of visitors who were interested in purchasing or using the product or service which the business sells and sending them emails periodically.

There are many products which help in building a mailing list and this LeadKit Pro Review provides an overview of this newly developed lead generation system.

About LeadKit Pro

Online businesses require fresh leads regularly if they wish to grow, new orders and customers.

The process of getting customers is usually manual and very time consuming, as the business has to generate content, promote it or use similar methods for attracting the leads and customers.

LeadKit Pro is a highly sophisticated automated system for generating leads for any business quickly, without much technical expertise.

The system allows the user to develop complete funnels for capturing leads.

It includes a content delivery system for attracting the leads, a landing page with an optin form, which induces the visitor to register, and the back-end which ensures that the leads captured are stored in the email marketing system, so that they can be used for marketing at a later date.

One of the advantages of the LeadKit Pro package is that very little technical knowledge is required, the package includes a url, web hosting space for each business or user.

However it is possible for the user to incorporate the package in their own website, a WordPress plugin is also available.

It is possible to export the HTML code for the website.

A content editor is also included, to build engaging content, and also embed high quality content from other online sources easily.

The opt in forms are designed for a high conversion rate, are GDPR compliant, and integrated with the email system .

The Pros and Cons of LeadKit Pro

– Highly effective in generating high conversion optin leads automatically
– Easy to integrate high quality content, add own content and other people’s content
– No technical expertise required
– Free url and web-hosting included
– Landing page Opt in Form designed for high conversion, premium templates available
– Leads generated directly integrated with email mailing software
– User can use own domains, WordPress plugin provided
– Built editor allows user to customize the website, include logo

– There is no guarantee that the leads will convert into orders
– The user should have his own system to block fraud orders


LeadKit Pro is a very convenient and effective way for an online business owner, to generate new leads, orders automatically without spending a large amount of time and money on content creation and technical integration.

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