‘Solo ads’ is one of those polarizing topics that always stirs marketers up and divides them into 2 groups. One group swears by them as a legitimate way to drive traffic while the other group rants about how the scene is infested with scammers and dodgy vendors.

So which group is right?

The answer – they both are.

  • How to make money with solo ads

Solo ads have been around for decades and they’re here to stay. They’re just as popular as ever and many marketers rely on them to build their lists – because these ads work.

The problem here is that many marketers treat solo ads as a unique event. They pay $45 or so for a hundred clicks and maybe they get one sale… or sometimes no sales. But they may have added 25 or more subscribers to their list.

Because of the lack of sales, they deem the solo ad run to be a failure because they’ve not recouped their ad spend. Herein lies the problem – they’re treating solo ads like Facebook ads or Google ads where their ad spend must yield a profit.

Solo ads are different in the sense that you’re playing the long game. The money is in the list – more specifically, the relationship you have with your list. If you have a good email sequence in place, you can always get sales from the subscribers you gained from the solo ad.

You just need to warm them up first and provide value. As they get to know you and trust you, they’ll be more receptive to your promotions and recommendations. Now you’ll get sales. That’s how you make money with solo ads.

  • Where do I buy solo ads?

You MUST use the services of a good solo ad vendor. 

But where and how do you find one?

You could try Facebook groups where they hang out… but guess what?

The vendors might take your money and not deliver at all. Next thing you know, you can’t find them.

That’s exactly why you need to ONLY buy solo ads from an established marketplace which has buyer protection. You don’t need to look further than Udimi.

It’s the most popular solo ad marketplace on the planet. Let’s see why…

The Pros

  • Huge selection

There are tons of solo ad vendors in this marketplace. You’ll be spoiled for choice. There are vendors with lists in niches such as: health, online marketing, finance, crypto, social and mobile.

If you’re in any one of these niches, you’ll be able to find vendors to send you traffic.

  • Affordable traffic

Google ads and Facebook ads can get very expensive in certain niches. While a solo ad may seem a little expensive at $0.45 a click, when compared to the big advertisers, it’s actually cheaper.

Let’s not forget that Facebook ads is a volatile and finicky beast that shuts down ads on a whim and even restricts the advertisers from using the platform in future. You’ll find no such issues with solo ads on Udimi.

  • Trustworthy

Some marketers may scoff at solo ads and call them a scam, but Udimi actually has a 4.3/5 score on Trust Pilot. The marketplace works. Don’t judge it based on renegade solo ad vendors who don’t even operate there.

  • Full transparency

This is Udimi’s strongest selling point. All the stats are there for you to see. You can see the sales a solo ad vendor makes, the type of traffic he/she sends, the number of repeat sales, reviews from previous customers and so on.

In order to succeed as a vendor here, you really have to deliver on your promises. Or else you’ll have a bad reputation for all to see, and you won’t get sales. So, most of the solo ad vendors on Udimi are legit and do their best.

  • Tutorials

The Udimi dashboard has a help link that will show you how to buy or sell solo ads. The tutorials are clear enough for anyone to use the platform easily.

  • Clean interface

What’s surprising is that Udimi actually has a simpler and cleaner interface than even popular marketplaces like Fiverr. That said, it’s also less extensive in terms of offers. Either way, you’ll be able to navigate the platform like a pro within 20 minutes of being on it.

  • Sort by pricing

You can buy ads based on your budget. While you need to order a minimum of 100 clicks, you can choose how much you’re willing to pay for a click. You can also choose how many clicks to buy. Being able to order exactly the amount of traffic you can afford will mean that you don’t end up with a huge bill that you can’t pay.

  • Solo deals

There’s a category in Udimi called ‘solo deals’ and there are new deals every week. You can get cheaper ads by leveraging these deals. That’s more bang for your buck. Just make sure the vendor is proven.

  • Forum

There’s a forum in Udimi for you to discuss with other customers about who the best vendors are, and your experiences with your ad purchases. You’ll be able to get a few very useful tips here.

  • Support

Udimi has live chat support. You can always contact them if you have any problems.

The Cons

There are no cons with Udimi. If you do your research before buying, you’ll pick a vendor who can deliver on his/her promises. 

Just make sure you’re using a link tracking tool like Clickmagick to see where the links are coming from and so on.

Should You Get It?

If you’re looking to drive traffic to your landing page and build a list, you should definitely give Udimi (and the vendors) a try.

You’ll want to ensure that you have a landing page that converts well, an email sequence that warms them up and has promotional emails in it – and on your ‘You’ve been subscribed page’, you should have a link to a low-priced offer.

You’ll then increase your chances of getting sales and recouping your ad spend. But if you don’t get any sales, that’s fine too. They subscribers on your list and you can remarket and sell to them in future.

Give Udimi a try. It’s an awesome traffic solution.

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