There is no shortage of ecommerce software on the market. From ClickFunnels to Thrivecart to Shopify… there’s a plethora of options available to you.

One particular software, however, seems to be preferred by thousands of marketers because it’s user-friendly and is an all-in-one solution that isn’t overly expensive.

This software is none other than SamCart. Let’s see why despite intense competition, it’s still able to hold its own and has a very loyal customer base.

The Pros

  • Solid knowledgebase

Before even looking at the features, let’s just appreciate how much help SamCart offers its customers. There’re a lot of courses (both written and video tutorials) in their training library to guide you on building sales pages, copywriting and more. 

In fact, their 1-Page Masterclass is a must-see… and it’s 100% free upon subscription.

  • Easy to use

As mentioned earlier, SamCart is extremely easy to use. You can build sales pages just by dragging and dropping elements on the page. Many elements are pre-made and all you need to do is edit them a little to make them yours.

You can create a brand new, attractive sales page in an hour or so, if you already have your sales copy ready. SamCart makes page building a fun experience.

  • Order bumps and funnels

With SamCart, you’ll not only be able to easily add order bumps to increase your visitor value, but you can also add one-click upsells. The customer will be able to buy your products with just 1 click.

That will definitely improve your conversions and increase sales. SamCart makes it as easy as possible for the customer to buy from you. That’s definitely what you want!

  • Coupons and discount

Creating coupons and discounts for your products is extremely simple and you’re in full control over how many times the coupons can be used and for which products they apply to.

  • Beautiful checkout pages

Besides just having an attractive sales page, your checkout page needs to look great too – and SamCart’s checkout pages are fantastic. Your customers will be more likely to follow through on their purchases when the checkout page is congruent and seems trustworthy.

  • Cart abandonment

A percentage of visitors to your site will add the product to their cart but will leave without buying. Why they do this is anyone’s guess. But SamCart’s cart abandonment feature will allow you to send an email to them (automated) with a buy link for them to complete their purchase.

This will definitely help you to recover any potential sales that may have been lost. A priceless feature you must have.

  • A/B split testing and analytics

With SamCart, you’ll be able to split test your sales pages, etc. and since they have detailed analytics and reporting, you’ll be able to study the stats and know your pages’ conversion rates and so on. With this data, you’ll be able to make improvements to your conversions and get more sales.

  • Flexible payments

SamCart will allow you to split the cost of the product into multiple payments. So, if your product is $297, you could split it into 3 easy payments of $97. SamCart will take care of the payments for you automatically every interval.

This feature alone will help you get sales from people who balk at having to pay 1 lump sum. Do use this feature if your products are $200 and above.

  • Built in affiliate management

SamCart has your back here too. It has a built-in affiliate management system within the platform. Marketers who are not using SamCart will need a 3rd party plugin such as iDev Affiliate and they’ll have to set it up on their site, sync the products and so on. You’ll have no such issues here. SamCart has it all.

  • Integrations

SamCart integrates with many 3rd party providers such as: PayPal, Stripe, Fiverr, Thinkific, Zapier, WishList Member, Kajabi, AWeber, ConvertKit, OptimizePress and much more.

So you can leverage the other apps to make your marketing even better while using SamCart.

  • Support

You can reach SamCart’s support via email or live chat. So, if you have any issues with the software, they’ll be able to sort it out for you.

The Cons

SamCart’s pricing may be a little steep for marketers who are on a tight budget. It costs $49 a month ($39 if you pay annually). That might hold some people back.

It has limited payment integrations too. Check if the payment processor you want to use is supported by SamCart before you get it.

Other than these disadvantages, there really isn’t much else to mention.

Should You Get It?

If you’re looking for a stable ecommerce platform that’s designed to maximize your sales and revenue, SamCart will help you immensely.

If you’re just launching your first infoproduct and you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting hosting, page builders, affiliate management software and connecting them all up – you can just get SamCart which has it all.

It doesn’t get any easier when it comes to selling your own products. SamCart makes the entire process a pleasurable experience. Use it to sell your products and you’ll understand just how powerful it is.

Give SamCart a try today.

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