Ever struggled with Google or Facebook ads?

Then you’ll like this story…

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My friend, Justin Brooke, recently made a huge change in his business.

If you don’t know him, I’d be a little surprised, as he’s spoken all over the world and on 27+ podcasts about paid traffic.

His company is AdSkills and this is where the story gets interesting…

For the last 3-4 years AdSkills has charged $5,000 for their paid traffic training. They’ve trained the best in the business.

Molly Pittman
David Schloss
Chris Evans
Clickfunnels team
DigitalMarketer team
Frank Kern’s team
Perry Belcher’s daughter

In a shocking move, Justin recently announced they’re now only charging $8.99/mo.

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His reason…

A phone call with a Harvard professor of business strategy and author of “The Content Trap.

Long story short, the professor said “Give it all away for free and sell only the community.”

Imagine Justin’s face!

He then went on to explain that no one pays for Harvard for the text books. They pay for the community and the certification (degree).

Which is a valid point.

So following the advice of this professor, Justin reduced his price by 99.82% off and is now charging only $8.99/mo.

If you want to get certified and join the community of experts with weekly coaching, that’s an additional cost ($149/mo).

If you’re a business owner, affiliate, or freelancer this deal is a no-brainer. You spend more on pizza and tacos each month than what AdSkills costs.

They have 5 star rating on Google reviews and Facebook reviews. With tons of testimonials.

I’ve checked out the training myself and I love it. I fully endorse them and think you should join today.

Just go here to sign up today…

Reed Floren

Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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