Before you read on to find out how Instant eCom Funnels has revolutionized digital marketing, think about waking up without stressing over manually creating a sales funnel for your product, what if you could just press a key and have your sales funnel ready to make you money?

Sounds far fetched right?

We thought so too, until we came across the mother of all digital marketing strategies.

Highlighted in this Instant eCom Funnels review is all you need to know to get you started.

What does Instant eCom Funnels bring to the table?

Let’s recap, a sales funnel is a basic sales strategy thats More-less what the name suggests.

Sales funnel is the best illustration of the process prospects goes through to become customers.

The top of the diagram is broad representing huge number of people- potential customers, while the lower part has the least number of people- committed customers.

The fundamental concept of the instant eCom sales funnel is the use of cloud-based sharing to create profitable sales.
We cannot stress this enough, once the sales funnel is ready all you have to do is click your mouse and in 60 SECONDS you could be making money.

Manual Sales funnels vs Instant eCom Funnels

The sales funnel consist of multiple things your website, the actual product and a thank you for downloading page.

To build a wider customer or prospects list, your product will be sold or given out for free.

Once your sales funnel has been created all you have to do is add your Paypal code or details from other similar platforms like JVzoo or ClickBank and start receive profits by selling your products.
The best part about sales funnel is that you don’t need to get involved by researching about the product, creation of the product or special skills, all this is done by the Instant lab.

Accessing the funnels is easy since they are all housed by the author’s servers, what’s more, you can download them and house them on your private server.
This is made possible through simple detailed step by step instructions on how to do it.
Keep in mind that you don’t need to install anything since it is hosted in the cloud and completely newbie friendly.
Instant funnels cut down on the hours and finances spent in hiring coders and writers.

Pros and Cons of Instant eCom Funnels

For the average internet users, it’s the best solution since everything is completely done for you.
Reduces unnecessary outsourced help from writers and coders hence saving you the trouble of endless frustration and countless wasted hours.
No special skills are required.
It is newbie friendly
Creates high-quality sales funnels within 60 seconds.

The special offers last for a very brief period.Defining the scope of your project is a bit elusive.

This means that you have to revisit your sales funnel to increase your prospects and customers if the need arises.


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  • WP Viral Click
  • Affiliate Advantage Plugin
  • WP Image Plus


Now that you know why sales funnel is a crucial strategy to any digital marketer, you can try out the Instant eCom Funnels.
If you are ready to generate a real online income in the most passive way possible then instant eCom Funnel is the way to go.

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