Once you’ve built an online business that’s getting visitors, clicks, sales and so on, it’s crucial to track your clicks. With a proper click tracking tool, you’ll be able to track your sales conversions, number of unique visitors clicking on your links and much more.

The newbie marketer who is blogging won’t need a click tracking tool because they barely have any traffic to their sites. However, if they’re running solo ads or selling their own products, even they will benefit from tracking their links.

When you have data, you’ll know what’s working and what’s not. For example, let’s assume you’re driving paid traffic from both Facebook and Instagram to your sales page.

You’ll use 2 different cloaked links so that you can track them. What if you noticed that 132 people clicked on the link in your Facebook ads but only 30 people clicked on your Instagram ads?

Now you’d know that it’s better to focus your efforts on Facebook which is getting more traffic. This is how important click tracking is.

It’s impossible for you to do it all yourself. That’s why it’s best to invest in a good click tracking tool. One of the most popular conversion tracking tools on the market is Improvely.

Let’s see why it’s so effective and important for your business…

The Pros

  • Monitors paid campaigns

Improvely is excellent for tracking your ads on platforms like Google, Taboola, Facebook, Twitter, AdRoll and much more. Knowing how your campaigns are converting is crucial to succeeding with paid ads.

Without a click tracking tool like Improvely, the data you get from the ad platforms will be useful, but you won’t really know if there are fraudulent clicks and so on. Improvely has click fraud detection in place to let you know.

  • Metrics

The tools will monitor conversions, traffic, ads, revenue and more. The dashboard and analytics even have ROI analysis to let you know if your campaigns have the potential of being profitable or not.

  • Build visitor profiles

Improvely will track your visitors’ actions on your sites and create a visitor profile for them. Over time, you’ll have a visitor avatar and know the demographics of the visitors on your site. This will allow you to market to them more effectively.

  • Share reports

The data in Improvely can be exported if you wish to share the info with your partners, etc. Very convenient.

  • White label reports

If you’re running an SEO agency and using Improvely in your business, you can create reports for your clients without Improvely’s branding. These are known as white label reports and will make you look like an expert at what you do. 

  • Affiliate link cloaking

Many conversion tracking tools offer this feature. So does Improvely. You can cloak your affiliate links so that other affiliates don’t steal your commissions or visitors don’t get put off by seeing you using an affiliate link.

  • IP address blocking

Some people are just problematic and you may not want them visiting your site. Improvely will block any IP addresses you specify so that visitors from these places cannot land on your web properties.

  • Free Trial

Improvely has a 14-day free trial for you to test out the tool. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to see how link tracking works and why you’ll benefit from the data that Improvely provides you.

  • A/B split testing

You’ll be able to do A/B split testing of your landing pages, ads, sales pages and just about anything else you create a click for. Improvely is a very versatile tool.

The Cons

There is a learning curve involved but it’s not a steep one. 

You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the Improvely user interface. It’s clean and intuitive… but the whole idea of click tracking and making sense of the metrics requires you to understand the process and the different terms used..

The resources and knowledgebase have all the tutorials you’ll need to use Improvely proficiently. So, use them and master this powerful click tracking tool.

Should You Get It?

If you’re using paid ads, this tool is a must-have. It’s a reputable brand used by thousands of companies worldwide. So it does deliver value.

Even if you’re not running paid ads, but you have sales pages or a website getting traffic, Improvely will still be beneficial.

The features mentioned in this review are merely scratching the surface of what Improvely is capable of. You’ll discover how dynamic and insightful it is once you use it. 

Give Improvely a try today.

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Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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