In the realm of entrepreneurship, success hinges on the ability to identify and leverage a key element that drives consumer belief and purchase: the big domino statement.

This statement serves as the linchpin for entrepreneurs, providing a central idea around which their entire business and marketing efforts revolve. By understanding and harnessing the power of this statement, entrepreneurs can effectively convey the value and significance of their products, increasing the likelihood of conversions and making their businesses more effective.

The importance of the big domino statement cannot be overstated. It acts as a guiding force that enables entrepreneurs to focus their efforts on convincing people of one central idea, rather than spreading their message too thin. This targeted approach not only enhances the clarity and coherence of their marketing campaigns, but also increases the chances of resonating with their target audience.

To fully grasp the concept of the big domino statement, it is essential to explore its role in the context of different vehicles and frameworks. By delving into these aspects, entrepreneurs can gain practical insights and strategies to create a compelling and persuasive statement that propels their business forward.

This article delves into the significance of every entrepreneur knowing their big domino statement, highlighting its impact on product effectiveness, the role of different vehicles and frameworks, and provides a practical example in the form of ClickFunnels. By understanding and implementing this concept, entrepreneurs can elevate their marketing efforts, enhance their conversions, and ultimately drive innovation in their respective fields.

Key Takeaways

  • The Big Domino Statement is crucial for every entrepreneur to know because it helps them identify the one key thing that will convince people to believe in and buy their product.
  • The product plays a significant role in achieving the desired result, and objections become irrelevant when the big domino is believed.
  • Entrepreneurs should understand the different vehicles (e.g., Facebook ads, high ticket sales) that compete for attention and choose the one that aligns with the result their product offers.
  • Conversions tend to drop when trying to convince people of multiple things, so it’s essential to focus on the one big domino statement that will make people more likely to buy.

What is it?

The big domino statement refers to the key belief or idea that an entrepreneur must convince their target audience of in order to drive sales and conversions. It is the central message that serves as the foundation for all marketing efforts. Finding the key message requires careful consideration and understanding of the audience’s needs and desires.

It is essential to identify the one thing that will resonate with the target audience and address their pain points. Once the big domino statement is established, it has a significant impact on sales. When people believe in this one thing, they are more likely to be convinced and motivated to make a purchase.

By focusing on the big domino statement, entrepreneurs can streamline their messaging and increase their chances of success in driving conversions.

Importance of Product

Products play a crucial role in achieving desired outcomes as they serve as the key to unlocking the desired results, rendering objections insignificant when the pivotal element is believed. Entrepreneurs must focus on getting people to believe in the uniqueness and value of their product, as this belief is essential for conversion and success. Objections become irrelevant when the big domino, which is the belief in the product, is firmly established. To illustrate this concept, consider the following table:

Importance of Product
Belief in uniqueness
and value
Objections become
when the big domino
is believed

Entrepreneurs must understand that the product they offer is not just a means to an end, but rather the key that unlocks the desired result. By focusing on the belief in the product’s uniqueness and value, entrepreneurs can effectively address objections and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Vehicle and Framework

Vehicles and frameworks are essential components that entrepreneurs should be knowledgeable about in order to effectively compete for attention and deliver their product’s desired result. Choosing the right vehicle is crucial as it determines how entrepreneurs reach their target audience and showcase the uniqueness and value of their product.

Whether it is through Facebook ads, high ticket sales, or other channels, entrepreneurs must understand which vehicle aligns best with their product and target market. Understanding the framework is equally important, as it provides a structure for entrepreneurs to offer their product and create a seamless customer experience. The framework ensures that the product is only available through a specific process, making it more exclusive and desirable to potential customers.

By mastering both the vehicle and framework, entrepreneurs can effectively communicate their big domino statement and increase their chances of converting potential customers into loyal advocates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can entrepreneurs identify their big domino statement?

Identifying the big domino statement is crucial for entrepreneurs as it serves as the foundation for their business strategy. To determine this statement, entrepreneurs can employ various strategies and techniques.

They must focus on understanding their target audience’s needs and desires, conducting market research, and analyzing competitors’ approaches.

By pinpointing the key message that will resonate with their audience and drive conversions, entrepreneurs can craft their big domino statement.

This process requires careful consideration and alignment with the unique value proposition of their product or service.

Can the big domino statement change over time?

The big domino statement can change over time as entrepreneurs adapt to changing priorities and shifting strategies.

As businesses evolve and new opportunities arise, entrepreneurs may need to revise their big domino statement to align with their current objectives and target audience.

By continuously evaluating and refining their messaging, entrepreneurs can ensure that their big domino statement remains relevant and compelling in order to maximize conversions and drive business growth.

Flexibility and responsiveness are key in adjusting the big domino statement to meet the changing needs of the market.

Are there any examples of successful big domino statements from well-known companies?

Successful big domino statements have played a pivotal role in the growth of well-known companies.

One such example is Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign, which aimed to convince people to believe in the uniqueness and innovation of their products. This statement had a profound impact on Apple’s business growth, as it positioned them as a company that challenged the status quo.

Another example is Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ slogan, which encouraged people to believe in their ability to achieve greatness through sports. These big domino statements not only resonated with consumers but also shaped the brand identity and contributed to their success.

How does the big domino statement impact the overall marketing strategy?

The big domino statement plays a crucial role in the overall marketing strategy and business growth. It serves as the foundation for the entire marketing approach, guiding entrepreneurs to identify the one key thing that will convince people to buy.

By focusing on a single persuasive message, the big domino statement allows for a more targeted and effective marketing campaign. This approach increases the likelihood of conversions and reduces the risk of diluting the message by trying to convince people of multiple things.

Ultimately, the big domino statement helps entrepreneurs to craft a compelling and persuasive narrative that resonates with their target audience.

What are some common mistakes entrepreneurs make when crafting their big domino statement?

One common mistake entrepreneurs make when crafting their big domino statement is a lack of clarity. It is important for the statement to be concise and focused on one key thing that will convince people to buy.

Entrepreneurs often make the mistake of trying to convince people of multiple things, which can lead to confusion and decreased conversions. By honing in on the one thing that will make people believe and buy, entrepreneurs can create a strong and effective big domino statement for their marketing strategy.


Knowing your big domino statement is crucial for every entrepreneur. It becomes the foundation of your business and influences your marketing efforts.

By identifying the one key thing that convinces people to believe in and buy your product, you can focus your efforts and increase the likelihood of conversions. This not only makes your business more effective but also helps you achieve the desired results.

So, take the time to discover your big domino statement and watch your business thrive. Remember, success lies in knowing your central idea and using it to convince others.

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