Information products are HOT these days. But do you know what’s hotter?

Information products that look good! Yes, looks do matter.

A simple PDF that’s just text and links is no longer going to cut it. The bar is so high now that for your business to look professional, your content needs to look good. It doesn’t just need to be valuable, but it has to be attractive.

Yes, people are demanding these days. In the past, giving away a PDF as a lead magnet was enough to build a list. Nowadays, your lead magnet must deliver value and look ‘cool’. 

Here’s the problem – trying to create attractive PDFs is a pain in the proverbial butt. You either need Photoshop (which you have to pay for monthly) and also be proficient at using it (not easy)… or you must have the Adobe Suite to beautify the PDFs.

Both options are costly and troublesome. Up until 2016, you really didn’t have much of a choice but to use these tools or hire a freelancer to do it for you with Adobe InDesign.

But now, there is an answer to this problem. Now we have… drumroll please… Designrr!

And you’d be amazed to know that thousands of online marketers have breathed a sigh of relief and are using this tool to create outstanding PDFs which look great. 

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Designrr

The Pros

  • Easy to use

This is probably the most important point. Most marketers don’t have time to learn graphic design or Photoshop. They want a tool that is ‘point and click’ easy. 

Designrr is very easy to use and you’ll have your first beautiful PDF within 30 minutes or so of using it. You’ll get faster as you become more familiar with the tool.

  • Fast!

You can import your text from a URL, Word document, Facebook or just upload it manually. It’s all fast and simple. Designrr can also convert a blog post into a PDF. 

Designrr doesn’t lag or take ages to render. The moment you’ve finalized your edits, you can create your PDF in seconds. One-click publishing at its finest.

  • Over 100+ templates

This is the jewel in Designrr’s crown. They have a ton of templates that you can choose from. While you can design your PDF from scratch, you really don’t need to.

In fact, it’s recommended that you use their templates. You have full flexibility when it comes to editing the background colors, images, text and so on. So it’s better to maintain the layouts in the Designrr templates while you change the elements within to create a brand new looking PDF

  • Image library

There’s a free stock photo library within Designrr. You’ll never be short on images to use in your PDFs. Since all the images are taken from the creative commons, there’s no need to worry about copyright issues. It’s safe to use them in your content.

  • Affordable

Unlike paying a monthly fee for other graphic design software or hiring overpriced freelancers constantly to do a simple job for you – Designrr only has a one-time fee. Buy it once and you can create unlimited attractive PDFs.

Do note that the official sales page has a monthly pricing. If you can’t find the one-time $27 option, just contact their support and ask for the link.

  • Support

You can contact support via live chat. Just visit the official website and open up a chat with them. They respond promptly.

The Cons

Designrr can get glitchy every now and then, but that’s to be expected from almost all software tools. It’s an excellent tool, but every now and again, it can act up. 

Should You Get It?

If you’re creating lead magnets, ebooks, etc. you absolutely must get Designrr.

It will make a world of difference when it comes to producing a report/ebook that looks great. You’ll be stunned when you see the difference.

Quite frankly, creating good content is the hard part. But once it’s done, dressing it up in a beautiful outfit is easy. Just use Designrr.

Not only will your content be useful to others, but consuming it will be a delightful experience. You’ll appear more professional, the products you’re selling will seem to be of higher quality and your marketing will have more style.

You definitely need Designrr. Get it today.

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Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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