Once you’ve built an online business that’s getting visitors, clicks, sales and so on, it’s crucial to track your clicks. With a proper click tracking tool, you’ll be able to track your sales conversions, number of unique visitors clicking on your links and much more.

The newbie marketer who is blogging won’t need a click tracking tool because they barely have any traffic to their sites. However, if they’re running solo ads or selling their own products, even they will benefit from tracking their links.

When you have data, you’ll know what’s working and what’s not. For example, let’s assume you’re driving traffic from both your Facebook group and your Instagram profile to your sales page.

You’ll use 2 different cloaked links so that you can track them. What if you noticed that 132 people clicked on the link in your Facebook group but only 30 people clicked on your Instagram profile?

Now you’d know that it’s better to focus your efforts on Facebook which is getting more traffic. This is how important click tracking is.

It’s impossible for you to track it all yourself. That’s why it’s best to invest in a good click tracking tool. One of the most popular conversion tracking tools on the market is ClickMagick.

Let’s see why it’s so effective and important for your business…

The Pros

  • Link cloaking

ClickMagick will help you cloak your links so that other affiliates can’t steal your commissions by replacing your affiliate ID with theirs. This happens all the time.

Some websites/autoresponders/etc. may not allow affiliate links or links to certain sites. By cloaking your links, you’ll still be able to post your links in these places. ClickMagick is useful here.

  • 14-day trial

One of the best ways to see how powerful this tool is will be to take it for a test drive. ClickMagick is letting you test out its software for 2 weeks. 

If you’re not satisfied, you don’t need to upgrade. But in most cases, you’ll understand it’s importance and how useful it is – and you’ll sign up.

  • Bulletproof cross-device tracking

This is a fantastic feature in ClickMagick. The creators understand that nowadays, people surf the net from their laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc. With this feature, you’ll be able to track the visitors’ clicks even if they switch devices. So the data will be more accurate.

  • Track quality of traffic

This is especially important if you’re running solo ads or even paid ads. You’ll know if you’re getting tier one traffic which is usually the most valuable because people in tier one countries tend to have higher purchasing power. 

So the more tier one traffic you get, the greater the chances of you making sales. But you’ll only know if you’re tracking your links… and that’s why ClickMagick is so useful.

  • Unlimited custom domains

You can add as many domains as you want in ClickMagick and it’ll track them all. There are no limits here when it comes to domains – BUT there is a limit when it comes to clicks. Your starter plan is limited to 10,000 clicks. 

Generally, if you’re getting this many clicks, you’ll be getting sales and will be able to afford the Standard plan which will track 100,000 clicks.

  • Tracks conversions

ClickMagick doesn’t only track sales, but tracks conversions too. So you’ll know if your clicks are turning into sales.

  • Extensive knowledgebase

There are many tutorials in the ClickMagick knowledgebase for you to look through and discover how to use the tool effectively. It has several applications and is extremely versatile.  Yet, it’s easy to use.

Spend time in the knowledgebase learning and familiarizing yourself with all the features ClickMagick has to offer you.

  • Analytics

You’ll get rich data reporting with ClickMagick. The analytics are detailed and that’s exactly why most people use this tool. Even the metrics can be customized on your dashboard so you only see the details that matter to you.

  • 24/7 support

If you have any issues with ClickMagick, you can always contact their support via live chat or even by phone. Excellent support.

The Cons

At $37 a month, this will be another monthly fee for you, if you sign up. This is why it’s best for newbie marketers to wait until they are established and making money online before getting it (unless they’re paying for solo ads, etc.)

Other than that, it’s best to learn what the different metrics mean so that you don’t get overwhelmed. ClickMagick is a very advanced tool with many features. You only need to focus on the features you need. That will make things simpler.

Should You Get It?

Yes! This tool is crucial for most types of online marketing. 

Sign up for the free trial and test it out on your affiliate links, social media links and so on. You’ll gain ‘enlightenment’ when you see where your traffic is actually coming from and how it’s converting.

Armed with such data, you can definitely improve your conversions and sales. ClickMagick is one of those tools that will make a direct positive impact on your sales and profit, if you use it well.

Give ClickMagick a try and be amazed at how dynamic it is!

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