ClickAnimate 2.0 is a chrome add-on animation tool for websites.

It allows users to vitalize any component on their site’s page with just a click.

The good thing is this tool can work on any site, WordPress, LeadPages, ClickFunnels, HTML, etc.

Thus you won’t need to change your e-commerce platform, your website’s theme or page builder.

When you revitalize vital components of your website like a call to action declaration, headlines, hooks, etc.

With this tool, the conversion rate of your site would increase because your traffic would stick around to view what you have.

Here are easy steps on how you can install this add-on tool to enable your potential customers to stay longer on your website’s pages and convert.

Get a licenseand install it on chrome browser

The first step you’ll need to do is to get your ClickAnimate 2.0 license.

Once you’ve obtained it, go ahead and install it on your google chrome browser.

You’ll get installation instructions after getting the license which will help you during the installation process.

After you’ve installed the tool on your browser, it will now enable you to make any component on your website eye-catching and dynamic.

Copy and paste the code to your site’s header

This step is similar to the installation of the Facebook ad pixel.

You’ll need to drop the tool’s javascript code on your website’s header.

This code will communicate with the tool’s plugin and will let you revitalize anything on your site using drop-down menus right in your google chrome browser.

No coding required.

Click any component on your website and choose an animation

With the enabled plugin, you’ll be able to click on any element of your site and select from one of fifty and above animations.

This will allow you to generate headline or hooks that will stand out. It will also let you make pictures or even revitalize your call to action to boost conversions.

Full animation control

For additional timed animations, delayed effect, etc. you can apply point and click controls.

Thus you won’t require to engage a costly developer. Furthermore, as you use this control, your animations will be able to show at the right moment.

Pros and Cons of Click Animate 2.0


  • The tool does not require expensive conversion rate optimization.
  • Its hundred percent mobile responsive.
  • You won’t have to look for a website developer.
  • You won’t require brand new headlines, copy, images, and hooks.
  • There are no brand new lead magnets or offers that you’ll need.
  • You won’t need additional time to make it work or squander your hard earned money.
  • Works well with all the websites and page builders


  • You can only add this tool on your google chrome browser.

Bonuses When You Buy ClickAnimate 2.0


Over 100 pro stock footage clips you can use completely ROYALTY-FREE in any of your video projects for you and/or your clients!

Great for content videos for YouTube or sales & marketing videos to add a nice touch of class!


You meet potential clients EVERYDAY! From your hairdresser to the manager at your favorite restaurant.

What better way to let them know of your marketing services than with a beautifully designed business card? In minutes you can change the text and images and get them ready for print!


Whether you’re looking for nice designs to add to your web pages or new elements on your videos, this pack of flat designed icons will be a great addition to make your projects look great!
Use these completely ROYALTY -FREE in your own personal projects or for clients.


You can rapidly grow your conversions and get your audience to the components of your website’s pages by acquiring the ClickAnimate 2.0 tool.

With this plugin, your site’s brand new animations will appear stunning on all devices like desktop, cellphones, windows, and mac thus growing engagement everywhere.

For that, I’ll recommend you begin using ClickAnimate today and watch your website’s conversion rate and engagement rise.

Reed Floren
Reed Floren

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