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Unedited Transcript

Reed Floren 0:01
Hey guys, it’s Reed Floren here. And I’ve got William Jones on today. And I recently bought I think it was yesterday, I bought a software program from him that allows you to have your ai content written for you kind of while you sleep. In fact, that’s, that’s what I had to do last night is I turned it on before I went to bed. And it just kept cranking out videos, or cranking out articles for me while I was sleeping while I was doing other things. And it’s still cranking out articles, even while we’re doing this call. So it’s really cool. It’s an awesome tool. William, I’m really happy to have you on the call. And I’m going to hop off video here so we can share your screen easily for everyone on.

William Jones 0:46
All right. So hey, guys, my name is William. If you don’t know me, I’ve been doing SEO for about 20 years, a little over 20 years, actually. And I run an agency I live in the Philippines. And we have to write articles, obviously, for all of our clients. Here’s a quick article. It’s just based on tips 20 tips on ranking well in Google search results. And this was done. While I was taking a swim today, this afternoon. It took about 15 minutes, and then I took this gave it to my virtual assistant. And then they in turn took that and polished it up massaged a little bit, that’s about all you have to do with it. Now, when you get the program, this is a program chase came up with he’s gonna be updating it constantly, constantly improving it and coming out with a Mac version pretty soon. And then the other thing for example, when you get this, you’re going to get if you will, you get your SOP, which is telling you how to install it, you’re also going to get your instructions. And then if you have any support needs you contact support at chase Reiner COMM And screenshots of any errors you’re having, for example, I just received one and one of which is they’re running version one, instead of version two. And the other thing a lot of people do is instead of updating Chrome, they don’t, they’re running on an old Chrome, so they need to update their chrome edition. Right now we don’t have Mac, if you need it on Mac, I’d encourage you to do it on VPS. Mac will be available shortly. But you’re going to get this file right here, you’re going to get a file, for instance, will get a file, and it’s going to look like this executable blog post, this is version two, you’re going to open it, once you’re done opening it, you’re going to extract it to your desktop. That’s it Next step is you’re going to need to get if you will, and I’ll show you guys this, I don’t know what keyword tool you’re using. But maybe let’s say in my case, I’ll use sem rush. And when I use sem rush, what I’m gonna do is I go over here to where’s this keyword magic tool. And then I will type in, for example, in this case, let’s go let’s say common, or plumbing repairs, plumbing, repaired tips. I mean, just thinking what we could do here just out of nowhere. So this is Plumbing Repair Tips, I wouldn’t want to do that one because there’s not that high of a volume, I’m looking for high volume like this Plumbing Repair. Right, so but I want to exact match. So we click on an exact match. And then I click Export. And it’s going to export all this into an Excel file for me. And once that Excel file opens, I have what I need. And now what I want to do is I want to take this right here executable file, I go to required inputs, and I open up this keyword Excel file. And now you’re going to see all this you want to remove this used used use, you will remove that and then we’ll replace all these keywords about making money. And we’re gonna replace them with whatever keywords we’re wanting to replace them with. In this case, we just did, you know, plumbing repairs, so I’m gonna take all of these, copy them and put them over into my Excel file for my program. So I can run my script. And then that’s click Save. That’s literally all I’m gonna do, right. So now I have all these in here, plumbing repair that close this out. And I’m gonna hit the executable file, I go to main.xc a lot of people will go for instance, there’s no config file in here. What The config file doesn’t get dropped in here until we actually log in, we double click on main.xc. And NASSCO, open up dot AI, you’re going to have this pop up, and you’re going to put in your information to log in right, Phil am and my password I’m gonna put in.

Unknown Speaker 5:28
And let’s say I’m gonna do 500 words, I’m just saying, I just want to show you an example of what will happen, you save credentials, it creates the config file now. And as I’m sitting here waiting, my hands are up, right? not touching nothing. And it’s going to sit here and create, it’s going to log in the only time you’ll see me touch the screen is when I want to make sure my pop up blocker doesn’t block anything. Cuz I haven’t turned it off yet. But it’s logging in. So already logged in. And it’s gonna take the first term, and literally, it’s going to start writing an article based on that, once it’s done, then it’s gonna save it into your content article file. Then I’ll go to the next one, complete that go to the next one complete that go to the next one. I mean, how many of you all I mean, I know for SEO for us to do your two biggest thorns and then SEO, and that’s content. And backlinks. This eliminates native content, because it automatically creates it for you, once it’s done creating a for you, you can literally give it your virtual system, they literally just polish it up, throw it in Grammarly or copyscape, make sure it passes, and then take it into surfer and optimize it some more. But this essentially makes all the articles you’re going to need. So you don’t have to sit there and write it. You know, I did the 1500 word article, like I said while I was in the pool, and I was nowhere near that computer, and goes through tip number one and I will go through this and write everything it might look no funky sometimes, but it goes back through and cleans up. So step or tip number one, most homeowners think that a leaky faucets easy to fix. But the truth is it’d be issue with your pipes or even worse, the top tips of plumbing repairing goes through and then next cleans it up and then goes in that next one tip to tip three, tip four, tip five. And I’ll do all this. And then I’ll go back through and I’ll clean it up. And I’ll just go through as many tips as possible, right. And I’ll do all that on autopilot. Let me go ahead and stop this real quick. So you can see where it will share it once it’s done. Once it’s done, it’s gonna put it in this file called generated content. Once that was done, you would see an actual document here called generated content, you could then just give that to your VA. And then once I gave it to my VA, this is what it looked like when we were done today. And this is 28 tips 1300 words of content in a matter of 20 minutes. So I can now take this and put it on a press release, put it on a blog post, use it for backlinks and excetera. That’s real. I mean, that’s really the the gist of it is does it on autopilot.

Reed Floren 8:27
It’s really cool. Now, what would you say would be like the minimum keywords people should be looking for when they’re creating content this way?

Unknown Speaker 8:35
Well, if you want to, I mean, it depends honestly, the niche. If it was me, we’ll do most of our content because we use it on a press release with quantum. It’s 2500 words. So I’ll take that 2500 words of content, put it on a quantum Newswire push it out. And then I’ll also use before that I’ll put it on a blog post. And then after that, I’ll use it on quantum and then I’ll also use it on some article sites and some other things and then you know, obviously use the Google My Business posts and some other stuff. It’s like for example, give you another example why this tool is really cool, not just conversion AI, but if you will give me one second single pull this up. So conversion AI why it’s cool in and of itself, not even use it. I mean, if if you didn’t even have the script, just the conversion AI Okay, so it created 28 tips. So I essentially can take those 28 tips and make Google posts out of every one of them. So now I have a month worth of content. Sure, without in 15 in 15 minutes, you know, most people go well what can I post every day on Google My Business? It’s like this tip. So if I was if I was a plumber, you know I go you know, Do you have a leaking faucet? Most people think that And I now have that tip and I posted it, and I share it across all social media, etc. And, you know, that’s done. So I mean, literally your social media has done it kills that off. You don’t have to do articles anymore kills that off. I mean really psyched today as I mean, it’s, it’s a mind blowing tool. I’ll put it that way. For instance, tip number one day one of June, I could have put, you know, Google search results. While there are many other factors that can affect your ranking, the following 12 tips. And then I list out tips or I could go to, if you will, day six of June would be getting content to appear natural is a great tip for SEO, the top tips of Google My Business SEO is about creating great content around topics using keywords and phrases in question as they naturally appear on your sight and have your new GMB mirror them. There you go. That’s that go on to the next one. In the top tips of Google My Business SEO is about relying on search engine optimization Delpy rank better for targeted keywords, not depending on only on pay per click advertising or SEO tactics like link building from irrelevant sites, or keyword stuffing. Very cool. I mean, you just have all that content and all that posts and stuff. And if it was me, and this is what I’ve been telling people is, when Chase, advertise this, I was the first person to buy it. Because immediately, I mean, I just, I know where it’s gonna go. And chase doesn’t put anything out this garbage, he always puts out good stuff. And he already said, Hey, I’m gonna raise the price, he raised the price yesterday at midnight, from 300 to 399. And he doesn’t know how long he’s even gonna have this available at lifetime deal like this. So when edits and updates are coming out, he’s putting that out and you’re automatically getting, you’re automatically going to get the update. And you just have to download it and install it. That’s it. That’s awesome. And if and if you have, like I said, if you have an idea, Hey, what about this, and you can just send it to chase and chase to say yes, or, hey, let me send it my programmer and see if we can do that. Very cool. I can already tell you, for instance, he’s working on Geo Data. Another words, if I type in things to do in Los Angeles, is gonna like type out everything about Los Angeles, wow, that’d be really cool. So I can now then take that, and put it on a page for let’s say, plumbing repairs in Los Angeles, and have everything about Los Angeles, and then have all the zip codes and neighborhoods and everything else at the bottom. And I know, I know, for instance, my neighborhood pages rank within weeks now as they’re done. Now, imagine if I could take that and now throw on this geo content on an automated basis instead of having to quote unquote, create it, you know, in it taking weeks to get some of that stuff done. So

Reed Floren 13:05
make your job so much easier to be able to do that. And those top rankings that’s gonna be great. That’s

Unknown Speaker 13:12
Yes. Ross Tell me was like when I say SEO is dead. What I mean is, it’s dead in the traditional sense. Sure, you have traditional sense of you having to go out there manually create backlinks manually create content. Someone that’s doing all this stuff on a manual basis will never be able to compete against someone like myself, that’s using bots. And especially when I could take this article now, I could take this 1500 word article, I did put it on a blog, then take this same article and upload it into Vin dami. And have inami create an article or a video based off of that article that’s all about Google My Business, and then upload it onto YouTube and tik tok and everywhere else and naturally get it ranked. Sure, yeah.

Reed Floren 14:02
You could rank and you can repurpose all that content and get all the all that link juice and all the the traffic coming back to your site. From all this content that’s being auto generated. That’s really cool. That’s a really good Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 14:16
And now we can take on top of it, you could take that content, you created the content. And now you take a video, make the same video, put the video on the same page, right? I could put my nap name, address phone number in the video on YouTube. And then on top of that, I can take CTR, CTR manipulation, CTR, bots, microworkers, whatever you’re using, I use sky net with Michael and then take that and run CTR to all my videos, which then go over to my website, which then also push my website up very rapidly. So

Reed Floren 14:48
now for those of us that aren’t familiar with the Ctr thing, what is that?

Unknown Speaker 14:54
So CTR manipulation. Think of it this way when Google makes and it goes up. Hey, who’s the most popular person and they choose between this person, this person, whoever has the most traffic, if you will, and not just traffic, but quality traffic wins. traffic’s one of the major factors in rankings. So if you, you have a site or you have a video or you have GMB and inside getting traffic, obviously, that sucks. But if I have a video or a website, and now I’m getting traffic and it looks natural on top of it, then it’s going to look more like an authority, versus someone that has a nice side that gets no traffic, you look like you’re not an authority, someone’s not going to you to find out about plumbing tips, or leaking faucets or the best real estate or whatever, when you have good content and good articles and good videos. And now I’m also sending traffic to your site, then they go well hold up a minute, this guy looks like he’s an authority on this subject, too. Therefore, your rankings also started increasing. The more traffic you have, the better your rankings go up. And on top of it, not just traffic, but good quality traffic. And then on top of that being good quality traffic, how long were they on the site? What’s the dwell time what we call dwell time is when someone goes to a site, how long did they stay on there? Because a lot of these people will buy CTR, let’s say bots, or microworkers, or whatever. And what happens is, they’ll use it and they’ll come to the site, they’ll click through, and then they leave. Well, that in turn creates a high bounce rate. What looks terrible for Google, when you’re using the bots and stuff that I use. It’s geotargeted bots, they are on legitimate mobile devices, desktop devices from you know, it’s not some bot on a computer that has no IP address and doesn’t actually show up in the area that they’re at. And on top of it. The dwell time will be at least two minutes I can manipulate and tell them how long I want them to be on the site. What do I want them to click to get to the site? Sure. You know where I’m going to come from? Is that a YouTube video? Is it a GMB request for directions? A brand name and keyword? Did I manipulate the traffic from coming from my competition to my GMB

Reed Floren 17:29
got it and

Unknown Speaker 17:30
I can do with my bots and then what happens your rankings just start going up? If you don’t know what you’re doing with CTR though, and I have seen people do this, you don’t know what you’re doing. You push too much traffic too fast, then your rankings will drop. So you have to do it has to look natural, it can’t look unnatural. You can’t come into an area and let me send you 500 new searches. And you’re normally getting 52 it’s not gonna happen. Google’s gonna go Yeah, that looks a little suspicious, or do I get punished wars so. But yeah, I mean, this tool is just really it’s a script. And it just makes our life easier in regards to creating content for blogs or articles or press releases our GMB posts or social media posts everything. So

Reed Floren 18:19
sure, you want to go back and just show like maybe another article, but it’s popping out, I’ll stop my video and we’ll see your race.

Unknown Speaker 18:31
So let’s go and run it again. And let’s choose I’m going to redo this again. So you can actually see it. Let me close out this Excel file. Open it, we’re going to extract it. Let’s go to desktop. And that closes out. Just go over here to the maniac. See, I’m gonna leave my required inputs this time is make money online and all that so go back over here to the maniac. See, click on it. And we can close that window out now. blow this one up.

Unknown Speaker 19:27
Let’s just open up everything it’s going to ask for username password. And if you ever need to update how many words you want it to write, you just open up the config file and it will do that for you. And you just you know edit it. I’ll show it to you Melissa say In this case, I want to do 1000 words or something. Yes, it’s saved credentials, it’s going to log in for you. So now if I go close all this out, for example, and I go back to execution my file, now you see config. And I can just edit this right here, okay? I can edit 1000 words. I’m not really worried about people’s password, I’ll change that. But you can change this to 1500, or whatever, right? And then add is let it do its thing, it is logged in, my hands are up, I don’t, I don’t have to do anything. Just let it do its thing, it runs through it. And it starts home this article, once it’s done, I’ll populate it, put it in the file, then it goes to the next one. Next one, next one next one, only way it won’t work is if you have no power, really top tips to make money. It’s got great tips to make money. That does an intro paragraph for you. Then does after the intro paragraph Oh, go to 1234 all the way down. And of course, you can go on here. And once it’s done, you go in there and edit. But there are a number of ways to make money. You can start your own business, but some ads on your website or blog, get a job at this company and more. But the best way to earn money through affiliate marketing in this article. You can do this and this and this. I mean, for example, if you’re in affiliate marketing, let’s talk about that even I could literally go let’s say I’m an affiliate of SEMrush. Okay, what just happened? I am but if you’re an affiliate Cemre, sem rush, or sem rush, and I want to write some articles, I can go have this thing, right 50 articles or whatever. And then I can put my backlinks images, etc in those articles and upload them across the web’s you know, various websites and press releases. And it will have it all in there with just NIH audit Paulo. So step number one, you know, step one or step two, step two, threes, you know, and sometimes you’ll see this where like, for instance, this sense step number two, but I’ll go back through it and correct it. Now. Yes, retargeting is a practice of targeting users who have already visited your site, who befallen them around the web with ads for your business. It costs money to set up the maintain retargeting ad campaign. But this tool was an efficient way for you to effective way for you grow your customer base, you want to make sure to and they’ll go through it and correct it. And everything else. Once it’s done, I’ll clean it all up. And then once it’s done, like I said, what I’ll want them doing, I’ll stop that. But what will happen is, it will then go back and put it in this folder right here generated content. And this folder right here, generated content, it would be right in here, and then all your articles would be stored there. And if you ever need to change your word count, you just go to your config file, and then hit let’s say, in this case, I wanted to do you know, 3000 words, and I just save it.

Reed Floren 23:30
Now in general is really Oh, is there a minimum length that you think would be best for people to use.

Unknown Speaker 23:36
And generally speaking, I do 2500 words, because I’m using quantum Newswire and I have the I forget the lifetime, you know, membership. But basically, it allows me to get up to 2500 words, and I’ve just found the longer the content better, especially if you’re using surfer. surfer is going to be about three, you know, three to 4000 keywords. And once you do that, then like I said, you need about three to 4000 with them. So but that being said, you can rank stuff with less four, just think of it this way, when someone goes to your website, okay? They’re essentially wanting content. They’re essentially wanting you Google specifically is wanting you to go Okay, for instance. Why should they be there? What are they going to learn, you’re trying to get them to sit there and either read or engage or watch a movie, or what have you, but not just simply go there and leave. You know, that’s why you want to write good engaging content or good video, or something in that nature, because it’s not just about putting content out there. It’s about putting good content, good quality content that someone’s gonna look for. Like if I’m looking for if I’m looking for For, in this case, tips on plumbing or roofing, I’m not short tips on making money, I’m not gonna want to come there and, you know, learn about, you know, something totally different. I’m gonna want to learn, if I’m coming here from learning about money, I’m gonna want to read about money, I’m not going wanting to come there and find out about Divorce Mediation or whatever, you know, I’m want to, you know, so it just makes your life a lot easier. versus if you will, you know, having to sit behind a desk and write all the content, now you got something that’s going to help you and cut your time, at minimum will cut your time in half at minimum, you know, I can give this to my boys. And it normally take you, let’s say, three hours to write a really good 1500 word piece of content, I mean, at least three hours. Now I can have this done in 15 minutes gave it to my boys, it takes them about another 15 minutes or less to polish it up. So Wow.

Reed Floren 26:08
I mean, you know, eight hour day, you’re churning out tons of content

Unknown Speaker 26:13
that way, and we have to specifically we have I have 250 rank and rents that I add on a monthly basis. Then on top of that, I have over 70 agency websites we deal with, or agencies in general. So we’re cranking out, you know, several 1000 SEO clients a year, each one of them get an article every month. So I have to have something like this to help me in assists me, that’s why I’m in constant communication on top of with Chase and saying, hey, you think we can get this Hey, what about this and the throwing ideas at them? So we can get things moving? Much more efficiently? So but Yep, very, very. If anybody has questions from your channel, or whatever, you can shoot them my way. Or just ask me anytime. If not on Facebook, then on? Obviously, via email, emails, the best thing for me or posting in my group, or whatever, generally speaking email.

Reed Floren 27:16
What’s your what’s your face? So Google My Business help, Google My Business help and your email for people?

Unknown Speaker 27:25
is Phil, F. l am a MRU That’s my personal email. If you need support at support at rank fortress, calm.

Reed Floren 27:39
Awesome. Well, thank you, William, thanks for coming on here and demoing your new tool. I think it’s really slick. Like I mentioned, I’m using it myself. And you know, it’s Yep, currently writing for me, but content while we’re doing what industry you in right now. Right now. It’s just great marketing content, you know, unlike affiliate marketing content, but I really like your idea of going after different products and promoting as an affiliate with the sun. I

Unknown Speaker 28:06
mean, really, that this way, like, what do you like to do? I mean, if someone likes to work out, if someone likes hiking, all they got to do is go to Google and type in for instance, hiking, plus affiliate, hiking affiliate. And you’ll see all these different people that will actually pay you to promote hiking products, and you just literally go in there and write articles about hiking and publish them and put them across the net, with your with your links and with your information. And then you get sales. I mean, I wake up, I’ve, I wake up every day, with sales from affiliates and different things I’m doing because I also do affiliate marketing, on top of running an agency on top of doing rank and rent. So

Reed Floren 28:50
my I mean, it seems like a way that, you know, someone could get this tool get as well, and then by some of their hobby interests that they’re into, and you use it as a way to write off some of those things, because they’re creating content and websites and trying to earn an income from that now we’re not, you know, tax accountants or anything, but it does. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 29:13
especially especially with COVID and all that that happened. I mean, for me, my business took off after COVID so but what it enables people like me or you or anybody else to do is they’re like, Okay, I need to earn an income that will provide for me and my family without me having to quote unquote, go to work. I live in the Philippines, like for instance, and we’re on lockdown. We just got put back on a modified lockdown. What, seven days ago now, so I can’t go anywhere. I have to stay here and that sort of thing. But luckily, I don’t have to go get a working pass or anything like that. So

Reed Floren 29:53
nice. Well, thanks again, William. And for those of you interested in picking this up There’s a link underneath this video, you can pick this up, it’s currently $399 for it right now, I believe. And then you also need a conversion AI subscription in order to use this tool, so you get those two items. And you just have it start creating your content for you. It’s going to go through that spreadsheet. You give it the keywords that you want to create the content for, it’s going to create your content for you. You start putting it online, put it on your blog, but on your website, make videos like with that vietname tool that William was just sharing. There’s lots of ways that you could use this to make money. So I’m using it I love it. I think you guys should pick this up and you’re gonna see some awesome traction from using an automated tool like this. So thanks again, William. Thanks for coming on. All right, thank you guys. Have a good one. Take care.

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