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Of Local Restaurants Struggle To Get New Customers In

Often Wasting Time & Money On Advertising Because They Don’t Know What Works

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Creating Facebook Events, And Getting Them Onto The Facebook Local App, Is The Best Way To Generate Viral Traffic That Turns Into Real Customers Which Means Loads Of New Business For Any Restaurant!

Don’t Believe Me? Take a look at this!

This is the Facebook Local App

Most restaurants are competing with each other inside the ‘Food’ or ‘Tea and coffee’ sections…

… Where Facebook Is Using Their Secretive Algorithm

To rank restaurants based on location, activity on FB page, number of likes on FB page, number of reviews on Facebook, number of check ins, if they’re paying for FB ads…

But What If There Was A Way To ‘Leapfrog’ All Of The Competition?

Facebook’s own research shows that more people are pressing the ‘Events’ button than ‘Food’ or ‘Tea and coffee’….

Why? People who press ‘Food’ or ‘Tea and coffee’ are specifically looking for somewhere to eat and drink…

However, many more people press ‘Events’ as they’re just looking for interesting things to do in their current area.

Now, You're Going To Discover A Sneaky Way
To Create ‘Viral Events’ For Restaurants

Getting Them Seen in Newsfeeds and Featured on the Facebook Local App,
Which Can Dramatically Increase Customers & Profits!

Which is why we’ve created this awesome
copy-and-paste software and
training system we like to call:

Viral SociMasters

that generates monthly recurring payments from local restaurant owners
for handling and automating Viral Events on Facebook,
WITHOUT cold calling or face-to-face contact.

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Regular Guy lands
2 National Brands as Clients

Until New Year, Alphonso was a regular guy. He decided to learn about social media marketing for local businesses....and within the first 20 days of 2019, he’d gone from complete newbie to securing huge monthly retainers for nationwide sports bar chain, Dave & Busters, and country club chain, ClubCorp. You get a full transcript of our interview with Alphonso - this is a 'must read’ for any aspiring local entrepreneur!

Bonus #2

How to Prospect To Small Business Owners (and get results)

This powerful Video training reveals the correct way to prospect to small business owners. You’ll learn how to easily convert prospects into clients, how to encourage each client to take up more and more services from you, and why a NO almost always does not mean NO!

Bonus #3

11 Ways to Get Clients
Without Cold Calling

Who likes cold calling? NO ONE! But what if you had not one, not two…but 11 different strategies for gaining new clients, without ever resorting to cold calling? This powerful 15 Page PDF Report shows you exactly how!

Bonus #4

WP Local Lander Plugin

Create unlimited, fully optimized local business pages on the fly - add photos, leads, quotes, slide-show, SEO settings, tabbed content, integrate with Yelp and Facebook, for perfect business landing pages every time!

Bonus #5

‘Outsourcing Made Easy’ Directory – 49 Must-Know Freelancing Sites

A true entrepreneur is 100% focused on growing their business, not just running their business. If they are servicing clients themselves, as well as doing all the back office stuff, such as accounting, paperwork etc. they can’t focus on business growth.

Which is why we’ve compiled an extremely handy list of 49 awesome freelancing sites, where you can find experienced freelancers in nearly every skill or discipline your business could ever need, so you can get back to growing your business and profits.


Bonus #6

How To Get High Ticket Clients (Even If You’re A Complete Newbie)

It’s a lot easier (and less hassle) keeping 5 x $3K a month clients happy, then servicing 30 clients at $500 a month.

However, many people fall into the trap of low paying clients because they don’t know how to secure high-ticket clients (it’s a lot easier than you think!)

Even if you’re just getting started, this comprehensive 8 part video series will show you how to build your confidence, how to spot the tell-tale signs of clients open to high ticket offers, and how to make consistent high ticket sales without ever sounding ‘salesy.’

Bonus #7

15 FB Event Images

The FB Event Generator inside Viral SociMasters will auto-create 48 different types of events, complete with relevant images, in 12 of the most popular restaurant niches.

But it's always a good idea to have some back up event images. So here's another 15 high-converting event images in jpg and PSD format, ready to load into the generator - the more events you create, the bigger your monthly retainers!

Bonus #8

Entrepreneurship Skill Set - Checklist

Entrepreneurship isn’t a gift...it’s a skill. In fact, it's a set of skills. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of Essential Skills that are necessary for anyone looking to become a successful entrepreneur, and guarantee that they excel in each and every business venture they take on.


Bonus #9

FB Retargeting Decoded

Did you know, on average, 98% of your prospects leave your website without doing a thing, and may never come back?

This 9 part video tutorial reveals how to use Facebook retargeting to bring back that 98%, and convert all those ‘lost prospects’ into clients. This is a long term conversion strategy that will skyrocket your business.

Bonus #10

43 Instagram Post Hustle Images

Some of the most viral posts online are quotes. They motivate others to dream big and succeed. Add powerful images, and you have some of the most shared content in the world. So here's 43 powerful social media quotes, in JPG format, for you to simply plug in...and then sit back and watch all the free viral traffic roll in! Also comes in PSD files so you can edit them however you like.

Bonus #11

43 Instagram Story Hustle Images

Some of the most viral posts online are quotes. They motivate others to dream big and succeed. Add powerful images, and you have some of the most shared content in the world. Here’s another 43 social media quotes in JPG format, complete with eye-catching images, ready for you to plug in to your ‘story hustle.’ Each one also comes in editable PSD file.


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