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Hey, it's Reed Floren here. And I want to show you a quick review of instructor by Amy Harrop. And the instructor course, teaches you how to stop struggling, you're going to make ongoing sales with no experience, no website or upfront costs needed. And you can turn simple content into multiple income streams fast, you simply rinse and repeat with this method. So I'll quickly look at sales page here and highlight a few things about this. Basically, this is a method that doesn't require any massive writing. You can do this without spending a bunch of, you know, time or money on specialized knowledge. You can create short content that teaches people how to do one specific thing paid for it. You can use this method to drive massive targeted amounts of traffic to your other pieces of content of your own. And it positions you as an authority. So what's really cool about this is basically what you're doing is you're trying to
simple visual and written tutorials using the tools and instructions that he gives you in the instructor course. In case you didn't know, fours magazine says that online learning is expected to go to 320 $5
billion by 2025. And so this is really getting that look at like Pinterest has a lot of tutorials Instructables as a tutorial site gets 35 million visitors a month teachable, has process over $90 million in course fees already. YouTube is the second largest search engine right now and people go on YouTube looking for tutorials for a lot of stuff. And there's some testimonials here. He talks about a couple different ways that you can make money with this content. One of them is putting them up on Amazon other one is doing Etsy and other ones tutorial sites and she shares a couple other ones in side
course, she goes over some traffic overviews of some of the big tutorial based websites. And then inside the course, you're going to get a step by step guide. On the instructor method. It's 90 pages of content. And there really is not any fluff in here. It gives a ton of different resources that you're going to find useful for if you're creating tutorials. There's a lot of things where I know in the past, I've searched for a lot of different answers to solutions and I've spent countless hours finding things. There are things in here that after a lot of trial and error and buying different programs, there mentioned in a nice course it was saved me a lot of time and a lot of money if I would have had a nice course. There's also a lot of tools in here that I wasn't familiar with that I'm going to start using. So I definitely gained a lot of value out of this course and I think you will too. You've got over the shoulder videos. I'll show you those in a bit and you've got keywords that give you some examples.
How to keywords I'm not going to show you that because it'll kind of give that away. There's a cheat sheet too. And I can show you that and some infographic templates that you could use to speed up your product creation process if you want. There's some other cool things in here. One of the things that I really liked was there's a site in here that gives you 600 minutes of free audio transcription for your different information products that you create, you could get 600 minutes, that's 10 hours of content transcribed for free using this tool and I think that's per month. I want to say it was per month. So that's 10 hours of content a month that you can get transcribed. That's really cool. I that really stood out to me. So what I'm going to do is I am going to show you the product and just bet there's some other bonuses. I don't have these up on my screen, but you can promote your content with images which is a PDF course and a visual content creator
Made Easy PDF course. And I don't have those handy. But those are a couple of bonuses that you're going to get when you get instructor. So you might be wondering what kind of tutorials do you create, she talks about 500 ways to get paid directly in a very special way of driving traffic to the top tutorials. And so these are visual and written tutorials, not necessarily videos, although you can do videos with this training as well. What I recommend doing is how I do these types of tutorials as I record my screen, and I also use a tool that she's mentioning in this course, that automatically takes screenshots for me and automatically write some text for me for the screenshots based off of what I'm doing on the screen, so it's it's pretty slick. And then I use one of the transcription services for my video and I get it transcribed. So there's a lot of things that you can do that really speeds things up and the instructor course shares with you how to really speed things up and be focusing on those thousand thousand dollar an hour.
Has versus those, you know, five or $10 an hour tasks that you can use software or other people to sell for you. So this is for its for anyone that really wants to do any like printable stuff or low content material. Anyone who likes to do courses, kind of any type of content you can make with this. This is great for people that are publishers, authors, bloggers, online marketers, service providers, a lot of people can benefit from this tool. Now, you might be wondering how the training is delivered, it's inside a member's area, and you get the printable PDFs and you get the the mp4 videos that you can play. And you don't even need to have a specific niche for this. You could go into all sorts of different markets with this training. And you're also covered by a full seven day hundred percent money back guarantee when you pick up in struct out. So before I dive into the product and share with you what's inside the product, I'm going to talk about the
funnel. So you know if there's anything that you also might want to get so instructor was launching here real soon today actually and it's going to start at $17. And so this course is the PDF guide, but his training the templates, and reveals how to create and profit from short visual written how to content and that starts at $17. And on the 22nd, so in a few days here, it's going to raise up to $27. So you can save 10 bucks by picking this up right now. There's a couple of cells you don't need any of these up cells to make this work, but they're going to speed things up for you of cell number one is done for you instructor content. This is 20 freshly designed tutorial templates and easy to edit PowerPoint format. There's niche research and more. That's $27 the upsell number two is publishing path profits. It's a five module video training, where Amy reveals how to quickly and easily turn content into multiple income streams. That's $97
And upsell number three is that how to video training bundle. And this shares with you how to do a lot of the technical aspects of Internet Marketing, like getting domains and hosting and buy buttons and auto responders and all that. And that's $37. You don't need any of those upsell, they'll just make things go faster for you. But let me share with you what's inside the course real quick. Here is the main 95 page, book for instructor. And there's Amy goes over an instruction introduction, what you're going to learn in this training, she talks about why you want to do tutorials, what goes into a good tutorial, how to find topics for tutorials that people want to get information on how to do your keyword targeting, you're going to learn how to create your tutorials how to do that research, some organization tools, some more resources that are really going to help you out outlining, organizing, putting together your tutorial, how to
create these are the kinds of tools that you use to create the content, some free tools and paid tools
Try. There's tons of resources in here. Screen Capture and transcription tools, finding images for your tutorial tutorial creation videos, publishing your tutorials. There's direct income streams. So you can sell your tutorials as a book. You do Kindle, how to books, you can get started with stuff, you can put them on posting sites, sem, Instructables, technical tutorials, steam it and medium all sorts of different resources. She talks about getting massive traffic from the tutorials. And I will tell you when I've put out tutorials I've gotten a lot more traffic just from putting out tutorials so you can get the traffic with your instructor graphics, your blogging with your tutorials. You can also get some general traffic tips in easy traffic tutorials with Pinterest and social media and how Amy goes about doing that. And then she goes into a conclusion about the whole course. She also has a cheat sheet. I felt that this cheat sheet kind of regurgitate a lot that was in the 95 page document but it was just fascinating.
go through and find a lot of the resources and click all those links. So I do feel that saves time. But you might as well go through the whole 95 page course, then she's got some PowerPoint,
infographics that you can just replace the image and replace the text and move things around. I'll show you those.
So she's got a couple of those. And then she's got some video training and I thought these videos are really good. It's probably about 45 minutes worth of videos, if I were to add it all up, and it's a combination of slides, and over the shoulder training or she actually shares with you how to do things. So she goes over topics and keywords. Then she goes over researching and content organization and outlining how to create your tutorials in images for for tutorials, so you're really getting a jumpstart course into tutorial creation and how to make money
Money with these tutorials, plus all the tools and resources you can get. A lot of them are free or really, really reasonable to pick up and make your tutorials really stand out from the crowd crowd so I highly recommend picking up instructor click the link underneath this video and you can pick up instructor today at the lowest possible price.

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